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Giving Thanks: John Gridley’s Prayer Bill

Housed in the Medfield Historical Society is a rare collection of prayer bills containing the prayers of thanksgiving from Massachusetts soldiers and their families... The post Giving Thanks: John Gridley’s Prayer Bill appeared first on Journal...

Looking for Daniel Bancroft

If you walk down the streets of Salem looking at house plaques bearing the date of construction and first owner, you will quickly notice that a fair number of them will read “housewright”. There seem to have been so many housewrights in Golden-Age...
From: streets of salem on 22 May 2019

Salem 1897

Salem 1897: William McKinley was President of the United States, Roger Wolcott was Governor of Massachusetts, and the Salem Evening News published an Illustrated History of Salem and its Environs, which includes photographs of many mustachioed...
From: streets of salem on 10 Apr 2019

A Very Merry House Tour

I felt a lovely spirit among the volunteers and tour-goers at this year’s Christmas in Salem tour yesterday: a clear and sunny 40ish day which made every open house shine. There were proud owners, dedicated stewards, enthusiastic guides and curious...
From: streets of salem on 2 Dec 2018

A Converted Convent

Disclosure of shameless showcasing of husband’s work! On a beautiful Indian Summer day, with the sun streaming in through the large windows throughout, I toured the former Convent of the Sisters of Notre Dame on Federal Street yesterday...
From: streets of salem on 11 Oct 2018

An apparition

In a churchyard, a resurrection man holding a lantern, his hat and shovel at his feet, is surprised by ghost, rising from grave. In the background is a church and in the foreground, a skull and bone. Printmaker: Newton, Richard, 1777-1798, printmaker....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 13 Apr 2017

The church in danger, or, A very uncommon parish dinner

“Satire showing an announcement from a pulpit in a church requesting the wardens to meet to consider eating the church.”–British Museum online catalogue. Title: The church in danger, or, A very uncommon parish dinner [graphic]....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 8 Nov 2016

The west prospect of St. Martin’s Church in the Fields, Westminster

“View of the west front of the church, a graveyard to the right; in sky a scroll with a dedication to Browne Willis Esq; a flag flying from the top of the tower.”–British Museum online catalogue. Printmaker: Vertue, George, 1684-1756,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 4 Oct 2016

Some notes on familiar spirits

I read James Serpell’s piece on familiar spirits, ‘Guardian Spirits or demonic Pets: The Concept of the Witch’s Familiar in Early Modern England, 1530-1712, which appeared in Angela Creager and William Jordan’s The Animal/Human...
From: Early Modern Whale on 15 Sep 2016

Hot cross bunns, two a penny bunns

“A stout and burly woman stands at a street-door with a large basket of buns. A young woman and three children buy; the children help themselves, the woman holds a plate which she fills with buns. In the background (left) is a Georgian church with...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 16 Jun 2016

Troublesome disguises: the Goddard monument at East Woodhay Church

Over to this slightly remote church (for the area) last night East Woodhay, justly rated for its acoustics and the total quiet outside, to listen to Stile Antico perform this concert
From: Early Modern Whale on 11 May 2016

Wife & no wife, or, A trip to the Continent

“The interior of a large church or cathedral. Burke, dressed as a Jesuit, standing within a low, semicircular wall at the foot of a crucifix, marries the Prince of Wales and Mrs. Fitzherbert. The Prince is about to put the ring on her finger. Fox...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 5 Jan 2016

Conference – Johannes A Lasco – 10-12 June 2016

Attendance registration forms are now available for the Johannes A Lasco Conference at the Dutch Church, 7 Austin Friars, London, 10-11 June 2016. In 1550 A Lasco (1499-1560), a prominent Protestant reformer from Poland, was appointed first superintendent...
From: Dissenting Experience on 17 Nov 2015

‘Ranter’ women in Revolutionary Norwich

[Elizabeth Townsend’s disciplinary case, 16 and 30 May, 1650. Norfolk Record Office, FC 19/1.] In May 1650 two women were hauled up before their congregational church in Norwich for disciplinary procedures. Both had ‘divers tymes forsaken...
From: Dissenting Experience on 8 Nov 2015

No Schadenfreude Allowed: "C and E" C of E Churches?

With the decline of Anglican church attendance and population shifts, many Anglican churches might have to close except for Christmas, Easter, and other special "hire" dates, according to this story from The Telegraph:Historic village churches across...

Scrunched; Or, Tale of the Twisted Musicians, a Survivor-Island...

Scrunched; Or, Tale of the Twisted Musicians, a Survivor-Island challenge gone horribly wrong and immortalized in stone. These renderings of “Ancient Sculptures, Higham Ferrers Church,” are from James Sargant, Antiquarian and topographical cabinet:...

Father John Saward on Beauty and Poverty

You might remember that I mentioned this lecture series several months ago; the first lecture took place in October:This year’s Art of the Beautiful series opens on Saturday, October 11th at the Catholic Center at NYU. Rev. John Saward (Oxford University)...

Echoes of the Dissolution of Monasteries--in Philadelphia

Father Zuhlsdorf posted a link to a story from The Daily Mail of photos taken in Philadelphia of partially demolished, abandoned Catholic churches. As I scrolled through the story, I kept thinking of the Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry VIII,...

Stations of the Cross in the Easter Season

The Church of the Blessed Sacrament recently acquired and restored a set of Stations of the Cross that had once been in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception here in Wichita, Kansas. Some parishioners hung them in the church on Friday last week and...

St. Walburge's Catholic Church, Preston

From the UK Catholic Herald newspaper site comes good news for an endangered historical church:Bishop Michael Campbell of Lancaster announced on Sunday that Mgr Gilles Wach, General Prior of the institute [of Christ the King Sovereign Priest], together...

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