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Capable of Bruising a Letter: Early Modern Women’s Calligraphy

  Instructional image from Cornelis Dircksz. van Niervaart, Oprecht onderwijs van de leer-konsten (1669, p. 60). Reproduced from Google Books.The art of calligraphy was practiced widely in the seventeenth century with various levels of skill,...

‘A Pinching and Pricking at her Breast’: Bewitched Hearts in Early Modern England

When seventeenth-century people were bewitched they often took it to heart. In Jacobean Cornwall, after crossing Agnes Saunders, a Cornish gentleman is ‘extreemely distempered w[i]th so greate a heavines of […]
From: Inner Lives on 14 Feb 2018

A Valentine Story

So its that time of year again when the world becomes saturated with hearts, chocolate, and romance. This post will perhaps bring you a few moments of relief from all things romantic, as we take a look at Valentine Greatrakes (see the clever segue we...
From: Early Modern Medicine on 14 Feb 2018

Conference CfP: Writing Lives in Europe, 1500-17

University College Dublin, 6th-8th September 2018 This conference on life writing/self writing will address questions related to life writing across Europe between 1500-1700, in particular the influence of different religious, social, cultural and national...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 8 Feb 2018

The Duke's Mouthwash

Ferdinando de’ Medici (1549-1609),Scipione Pulzone (1544 - 1598), Private collection.Antonio Neri's father, Neri Neri, was royal physician to the family of Grand Duke Ferdinando de' Medici. As such, he regularly interacted with other members of...
From: Conciatore on 7 Feb 2018

Articles & Review in the JEMH 2017 #6

Journal of Early Modern History 22/6 (2017): Martin Jacobs, “Sephardic Migration and Cultural Transfer: The Ottoman and Spanish Expansion through a Cinquecento Jewish Lens.” José Pedro Paiva, “The Inquisition Tribunal in Goa:...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 5 Feb 2018

Position in Early Modern European History

Northeastern Illinois University is advertising for a faculty position in Early Modern European History. The position description reads: “Early Modern Europe and the World: Assistant Professor with a strong field in Europe (excluding Russia) from...

Placing Historical Recipes in Fiction: The Lady of the Tower

By Elizabeth St.John Sir Walter Raleigh and Mr. Ruthven being prisoners in the Tower, and addicting themselves to chemistry, she (Lucy St.John Apsley) suffered them to make their rare experiments at her cost, partly to comfort and divert the poor prisoners,...
From: The Recipes Project on 1 Feb 2018

Book Review: “Maids, Wives, Widows” by Sara Read

Maids, Wives, Widows: Exploring Early Modern Women’s Lives, 1540-1740 by Sara Read is a book I’d been wanting to read since it was originally published in 2015 by Pen & Sword. I became acquainted with Dr Read through Twitter, and she subsequently...
From: The Seventeenth Century Lady on 30 Jan 2018

Following Valerian: New Name, Old Idea

Katherine Foxhall In late August, 1781, Sir Charles Blagden, physician, Francophile, army surgeon and Fellow (later to be Secretary) of the Royal Society of London received a letter from his friend, Thomas Curtis. Curtis was concerned about the health...
From: The Recipes Project on 30 Jan 2018

Graduate Student Conference at the Newberry Library

I am pleased that several of my former graduate students are participating in this week’s Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, sponsored by the Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library. “The Center for Renaissance...

New Directions in Early Modern Irish Women’s History

The Women’s History Association of Ireland will host its annual Spring Seminar at the Moore Institute, NUI Galway on Friday 16 February 2018. This one-day interdisciplinary seminar will bring together leading and emerging scholars from...
From: RECIRC on 25 Jan 2018

Old Cookbooks, New Audiences

By Sarah Peters Kernan In my last post I mentioned that relatively few medieval cookbooks included menus for actual events. The ones that did were typically included in cookeries originally composed for noble households; by the fifteenth century, these...
From: The Recipes Project on 25 Jan 2018

Dr. Burges’s Plague Water

By Jana Jackson For early modern pious women, the religious obligation to be healers and competent housewives catalyzed the compilation of extensive medical receipt books during the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Accordingly, recipes considered...
From: emroc on 24 Jan 2018

Arguing with Edmund Spenser in Contemporary Irish Poetry

Thursday 15th February, 7-9pm Poetry Ireland, 11 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1. Tickets: Free, but limited – booking advised. Info from Poetry Ireland website. The Tudor poet, Edmund Spenser, is not remembered fondly in Ireland, despite his...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 23 Jan 2018

Bibulous Erasmus

Brian Cummings Ars longa, vita brevis, as you hear every day in the tearoom at the Folger Shakespeare Library. This Christmas at the Folger I made a discovery which made me feel young: Erasmus’s favourite wine! The thought had been with me since...
From: The Recipes Project on 23 Jan 2018

Oxford Seminar in the History of Alchemy and Chemistry, 2018

The seminar, usually held each year in May-June, is being moved forward to January 2018, in order to coincide with the visit of our colleague, the distinguished historian of chemistry Professor Emeritus Bernadette Bensaude Vincent (Université...
From: The Renaissance Diary on 17 Jan 2018

A Dubious Death

Over the past couple of weeks I have been reading through some of the correspondence of the Radcliffe Family, who lived in Hitchin in the eighteenth century. One case has been copied out of the notes of Sir Hans Sloane, a successful medical practitioner...
From: Early Modern Medicine on 17 Jan 2018

Happy New Year from the Steering Committee

When the Steering Committee last met face-to-face in November 2016, we set the goal of having ten recipe collections completely transcribed, vetted, and entered into the Folger’s DROMIO database by the end of 2017. Today there are seventeen...
From: emroc on 11 Jan 2018

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