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Exhibition | Canova and Thorvaldsen

Antonio Canova, The Three Graces, 1813–16 (St. Petersburg: State Hermitage Museum) ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊ From the press release (via Art Daily) for the exhibition: Canova and Thorvaldsen: The Birth of Modern Sculpture...
From: Enfilade on 31 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Inspired by the East

Now on view at The British Museum: Inspired by the East: How the Islamic World Influenced Western Art The British Museum, London, 10 October 2019 — 26 January 2020 Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, 20 June — 20 October 2020 Curated...
From: Enfilade on 30 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Luca Giordano (1634–1705)

Luca Giordano, Ariane abandonnée (Ariadne Abandoned),1675–80, 203 × 246 cm, oil on canvas (Verona: Museo di Castelvecchio) ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊ Opening next month at the Petit Palais: Luca Giordano: The...
From: Enfilade on 28 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Flesh and Blood: Italian Masterpieces

Guido Reni, Atalanta and Hippomenes, ca. 1620–25, oil on canvas, 76 × 104 inches (Naples: Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte) ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊ Press release (via Art Daily) for the exhibition: Flesh and...
From: Enfilade on 27 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Thomas Jefferson, Architect

Model of Jefferson’s Design for the President’s House Competition, designed by Simone Baldissini and constructed by Ivan Simonato, 2015, scale 1:66, wood, resin, and tempera (Vicenza: Palladio Museum; photo by Lorenzo Ceretta). ◊  ...
From: Enfilade on 25 Oct 2019

Exhibition | The Splendor of Germany: Eighteenth-century Drawings

From PHP: The Splendor of Germany: Eighteenth-century Drawings from the Crocker Art Museum Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, 16 February — 10 May 2020 The Crocker Art Museum has one of the finest and earliest German drawings collections in the United...
From: Enfilade on 20 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Marie-Antoinette: Metamorphosis of an Image

The exhibition opens today, 226 years after Marie-Antoinette was executed (the press release is available here). . . Marie-Antoinette: Métamorphoses d’une Image Conciergerie, Paris, 16 October 2019 — 26 January 2020 Only a handful...
From: Enfilade on 16 Oct 2019

Exhibition | The Moon

From the press release (4 April 2019) for the exhibition: The Moon National Maritime Museum, Greenwich (London), 19 July 2019 — 5 January 202 Curated by Melanie Vandenbrouck, Megan Barford, Louise Devoy, and Richard Dunn To celebrate 50 years since...
From: Enfilade on 15 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Making Marvels: Science & Splendor

From the press release (21 May 2019) for the exhibition: Making Marvels: Science & Splendor at the Courts of Europe The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 25 November 2019 — 1 March 2020 Curated by Wolfram Koeppe Between 1550 and 1750, nearly...
From: Enfilade on 14 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Hogarth: Place and Progress

Press release (via Art Daily) for the exhibition: Hogarth: Place and Progress Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, 9 October 2019 — 5 January 2020 Hogarth: Place and Progress unites all of the paintings and engravings in Hogarth’s series...
From: Enfilade on 11 Oct 2019

Greco Exhibition: Grand Palais, Oct 16 2019-Feb 10,

“Greco,” Grand Palais, Paris, Galerie sud-est, October 16, 2019-February 10, 2020.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 3 Oct 2019

Exhibition | Savour: Food Culture in the Age of Enlightenment

Boar’s Head Tureen, France, probably Strasbourg, ca. 1745; tin-glazed earthenware (faïence) (Toronto: Gardiner Museum, anonymous loan; photo by Toni Hafkenscheid) ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊ Opening next month...
From: Enfilade on 28 Sep 2019

Installation | Claire Partington: Taking Tea

Now on view at SAM: Claire Partington: Taking Tea Seattle Art Museum, 7 December 2018 — 6 December 2020 Get a new perspective on SAM’s popular Porcelain Room through the site-specific work of contemporary British ceramic artist Claire Partington....
From: Enfilade on 27 Sep 2019

Exhibition | City Women in the 18th Century

From the exhibition: City Women in the 18th Century: An Outdoor Exhibition of Women Traders in Cheapside, London Cheapside, London, 21 September — 18 October 2019 Curated by Amy Erickson In the 18th century, many women worked in luxury manufacturing...
From: Enfilade on 25 Sep 2019

Exhibition | Jean-Jacques Lequeu: Visionary Architect

From the press release (18 July 2019) for the exhibition: Jean-Jacques Lequeu: Visionary Architect, Drawings from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France Menil Drawing Institute, Houston, 4 October 2019 — 5 January 2020 The Morgan Library &...
From: Enfilade on 23 Sep 2019

Exhibition | Slavery

View of the Plantation Cornelis Friendship in Suriname (‘Plantagie Cornelis Vriendschap’), eighteenth century, watercolor, 43 × 64 cm (Amsterdam: Rijksmuseum, RP-T-1959-120) ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊...
From: Enfilade on 19 Sep 2019

Exhibition | Cut and Paste

◊  ◊  ◊  ◊  ◊ Now on view at Edinburgh’s Modern Two; for the earlier period, see the catalogue essay by Freya Gowrley: Cut and Paste: 400 Years of Collage Scottish National Gallery Of Modern Art (Modern Two),...
From: Enfilade on 14 Sep 2019

Exhibition | America’s First Veterans

From The American Revolution Institute: America’s First Veterans The American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati, Washington, D.C., 8 November 2019 — 5 April 2020 John Neagle, A Pensioner of the Revolution, 1830 (Washington,...
From: Enfilade on 10 Sep 2019

Conference | The American Revolution

From the Museum of the American Revolution: 2019 International Conference on the American Revolution Museum of the American Revolution, Philadelphia, 3–5 October 2019 The Museum of the American Revolution, the Pritzker Military Museum & Library,...
From: Enfilade on 9 Sep 2019

The Burlington Magazine, August 2019

The August issue of The Burlington was especially rich for the eighteenth century; apologies for not posting it much sooner, but it’s worth noting. –CH The Burlington Magazine 161 (August 2019) E D I T O R I A L • “At the Yale Center...
From: Enfilade on 9 Sep 2019

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