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Deadly Fumes

Memento mori, 1605.Nikolaus Alexander  Mair von Landshut.17th century glassmaker and alchemist Antonio Neri handled very dangerous materials on a daily basis. He used strong acids, which if splattered could easily burn flesh, or cause blindness....
From: Conciatore on 22 May 2019

D’Argenson’s Considérations

Enlightenment political theory has received a great deal of scholarly attention in recent years as intellectual historians and political theorists have mined the riches of eighteenth-century ideas about human rights, the self, or international...
From: Voltaire Foundation on 21 May 2019

Glass Discovery Legend

Giovan Maria Butteri,"The Discovery of Glass"Studiolo of Francesco I de' MediciAny self-respecting Roman historian living in the first century could tell you the story that glass was first discovered by Phoenician sailors. They were temporarily grounded...
From: Conciatore on 17 May 2019

Account of expences on a tour to France, July 14th 1788

A manuscript recording the detailed expenses of Mr and Mrs Bradshaw while on a tour and prolonged stay in France before and during the French revolution. Author: Bradshaw, Mr, Title: Account of expences on a tour to France, July 14th 1788 : manuscript....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 13 May 2019

A rose is a rose is a rose… but how does it smell?

By Galina Shyndriayeva as part of the Perfume Series Questions of words and the meanings they convey are critical for poetry and literature, but they are just as important in the poetry of the senses. While chemical knowledge seems to have little to do...
From: The Recipes Project on 7 May 2019

Colloque : « Artistes et collections royales et princières. France XVIe-XVIIIe siècles » (Guyancourt et Versailles 16-18 mai 2019)

Colloque : « Artistes et collections royales et princières. France XVIe-XVIIIe siècles » (Guyancourt et Versailles 16-18 mai 2019) Colloque international organisé par le laboratoire DYPAC de l’université...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 30 Apr 2019

Archives Lost: The French Revolution and the Destruction of Medieval French Manuscripts

“Revolutionary Material Culture Series” This series examines the Age of Revolutions through its material markers, reminding us that materials themselves reflected and shaped political cultures around the revolutionary Atlantic and World. By...
From: Age of Revolutions on 29 Apr 2019

Desespoir des ennemis de la France….

A political cartoon with 42 bust caricatures of members of a conspiracy discovered by no. 1 “La Vigilance du Gouvernement Français”, a rooster or the Gallic cock, depicted at top center, holding “Correspondance de Mr. Draque –...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 18 Apr 2019

Red Roofs

Patriots Day 2019 was not a very enjoyable day. It was certainly not as dreadful as Patriots Day 2013, but still a frightful day. I woke up to thunder, looked out at the dreary rain, made the decision not to drive to Lexington so I could walk the Battle...
From: streets of salem on 18 Apr 2019

Britons to arms!

Title: Britons to arms! : among the various threats used by the tyrannical and insidious enemy, who is attempting our destruction and overthrow, the plunder of our country! is held out as the reward to the armies which are to invade us, …. But...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 11 Apr 2019

“Be A King George”

“Be a King George.” Four simple, but oft repeated words drilled into the Prince of Wales from childhood by his mother, Augusta of Saxe-Gotha.... The post “Be A King George” appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

Appel à candidature : « Prix de thèse Valois Jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs 2019 »

L’appel à candidatures pour l’édition 2019 du prix de thèse Valois Jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs est ouvert. Les candidatures doivent être déposées au plus tard le lundi 3 juin 2019. Le prix de...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 2 Apr 2019

Recrutement de deux conservateurs du patrimoine à l’INHA pour le domaine Histoire des collections

L’INHA recrute un conseiller scientifique pour le domaine histoire des collections, qui sera accueilli au sein de l’USR InVisu ainsi qu’un pensionnaire pour le domaine histoire des collections qui sera en charge notamment des bases (actualisation...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Apr 2019

Recrutement de deux coordinateurs scientifiques à l’INHA

L’INHA recrute deux « coordinateurs scientifiques » pour le département des études et de la recherche à l’INHA : histoire et théorie de l’histoire de l’art et du patrimoine. Le...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Apr 2019

Débat : « Les transferts culturels franco-allemands en mots et en images » (Goethe-Institut Lyon, 9 avril 2019, 19h-20h30)

Débat : « Les transferts culturels franco-allemands en mots et en images » (Goethe-Institut Lyon, 9 avril 2019, 19h-20h30) La soirée sera consacrée à une réflexion sur la notion de « transferts...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 26 Mar 2019

Dianora Parenti

Agnolo di Cosimo 'Bronzino',"Portrait of Florentine Noblewoman"(subject unknown , circa. 1540).The mother of Antonio Neri, the 17th century glassmaker and alchemist,  was named Dianora Parenti. She was the oldest of six children: three...
From: Conciatore on 22 Mar 2019

How Robert Morris’s “Magick” Money Saved the American Revolution

The year 1780 ended badly, and the new year boded worse for America’s War of Independence. Maj. Gen. Benedict Arnold’s treason and defection to... The post How Robert Morris’s “Magick” Money Saved the American Revolution...

Colloque “Spinoza, politique et religion”

Jeudi 28 et Vendredi 29 mars 2019, Espace Oscar Niemeyer 2 place Colonel Fabien (entrée 6 av. Mathurin Moreau), 75019 Paris (Métro Colonel-Fabien, ligne 2). Entrée libre sur inscription nominative préalable :
From: Spinoza Research Network on 11 Mar 2019

Appel chercheurs Bibliothèque Nationale de France

Le statut de chercheur associé BnF La richesse exceptionnelle des collections de la BnF autant que leur ampleur permettent à des chercheurs de toutes disciplines d’explorer des sources inédites dans leur domaine. La Bibliothèque...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Mar 2019

Société d’étude du XVIIe – Aide à l’édition des thèses et HDR

La Société d’Etude du XVIIe siècle réserve, chaque année, une somme d’un montant maximum de 1500 euros pour aider, sans exclusive de discipline, à la publication d’un ou plusieurs ouvrages issu(s)...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Mar 2019

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