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From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 29 Feb 2020

A catalogue of the superb and elegant household furniture

“To be viewed three days (Sunday excepted) preceding the sale, when catalogues will be delivered …, which may be had on the premises, and of Messrs. Skinner and Dyke, Aldersgate Street.” Author: Skinner and Dyke. Title: A...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 1 Apr 2019

An inventory of the goods and chattels of Sus: Wood

Manuscript inventory of the household goods of Susanna Wood, who appears to have had a thriving farming business at the time the inventory was made in 1785. In addition to the usual household items, the inventory also includes a quantity of “Hogheads...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 1 Mar 2019

An inventory of the household furniture &c belonging to Mr. Stamford

Manuscript inventory for the Scots Arms, [10] Little Hermitage Street, a pub in Wapping in East London. Drawn up at a change of ownership in 1799, the document gives a record of the furniture, fixtues and other contents of this London pub during...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 14 Aug 2018

A catalogue of all the elegant houshold furniture

Author: Christie, Mr. (James), 1730-1803. Title: A catalogue of all the elegant houshold furniture, farming and garden implements, about thirty loads of hay, a large quantity of old glazed sashes, old iron, and other valuable effects, at Ealing...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 7 Jun 2017

An inventory of the household furniture, linen and china, in Bloomsbury Square

Sir William Lee, 1688-1754. An inventory of Sir William’s Bloomsbury residence (taken 24 years after his death in 1788), is a remarkable document recording every item in all 30 rooms from the bed chambers to the coachman’s room, the servant’s...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 26 Oct 2016

An inventory of the household furniture, linen and china, in Bloomsbury Square…

A collection of 24 items including 11 letters from the coal merchant Frederick Miller invoicing Sir William for coal, five orders of ale from James Musgrave, and a beautiful printed receipt (completed in manuscript) for the use of one four-wheel carriage....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 6 Sep 2016

Hopton Estate archive

Four detailed manuscript volumes relating to the estates, tenants, farming and household expenditure for Icomb Estate and the Hopton family. The first volume covers the years 1753-1788 (ca. [60 including blanks], 154 pages) and begins with a list of the...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 1 Mar 2016

Day 2: Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World, 1400-18

The primary goal of the conference, Domestic Devotions in the Early Modern World, was to bring together friends and colleagues from around the world to discuss issues surrounding the practice of religion in the home in broad comparative perspectives....
From: Domestic Devotions on 1 Sep 2015

A particular of the manor…

A detailed estate inventory on ruled paper and entered in ledger form; with rental properties and the names of tenants, rents, and valuations. Title: A particular of the manor, capital messuage or mansion house, several freehold messuages or tenements,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 1 May 2015

Collection of documents relating to the settlement of the estate of Mary Turner

 A collection of documents forming a detailed record of the dispersal of the Scottish personal estate of John Turner, who was in the service of the East India Company and formerly a farmer of Roxburgh Barns. His debts to the Duke of Roxburgh and Mr....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 20 Jan 2015

Inventory of Sr. Robert Danvers’s goods at Rushbrook

A detailed manuscript inventory in a single hand, taken in May 1759 “when the Duke of Cleveland came into the house.” Arranged by room, the inventory provides a detailed list of the furniture, decorative items, and other furnishings for...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 16 Dec 2014

Inventory of wearing apparel and other things of the late Mrs. Bamford

A very detailed manuscript inventory in a single hand on three pages, two columns each, listing articles of “wearing apparel and other things” of Mrs. Ann Bamford: gowns, bonnets, stays, hoops, caps, shoes, handkerchiefs, aprons, tippets,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 12 Sep 2014

Naples: A ‘Place of Piety’

After a two-week research trip to Naples, I have returned with a new appreciation for this amazing city, which is filled to the brim with innumerable souls. It’s Italian, yet its beautiful dialect and some of its architecture serve as reminders of places...

Catalog of pictures at Raynham Hall

Room by room manuscript listing of pictures at Raynham Hall, including the painting “Belisarius” by Salvatore Rosa, acquired by Charles, second Viscount Townshend. Also includes paintings by Anthony Van Dyck, Peter Lely, and Godfrey Kneller. Title:...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 3 Apr 2014

Inventory for a play/masque

Chaucer at the Court of Edward III There’s snow outside and I am sitting at my comfy desk, in my comfy room researching medieval ‘theatre’ – such as it was – when I stumble upon an inventory for a performance during the...
From: Abraham Adcock on 30 Jan 2014

A true and perfect inventory of [the] goods

Manuscript, in a single hand, dated and signed with the marks of the two appraisers, Samuel Kidsmead and Henry Stephens. The inventory of the deceased weaver includes his apparel and money, looms and tools, books, lumber and bed. The estate totaled £14.12.00. Creator: Kidsmead,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 2 Dec 2013

Inventaire après le déced de Sieur Jacques-Mathurin Du Verger … à Chartres …

An detailed inventory by a professional scribe of the estate of cloth merchant Jacques-Mathurin Du Verger in the city of Chartres. Title: Inventaire après le déced de Sieur Jacques-Mathurin Du Verger, ancien marchand à Chartres, 1786 July 17. Catalog...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 14 Jul 2013

An inventory of … John Hogg … of Stroud

Manuscript, in a single hand, signed by the two appraisers, Edward Holmes and William [Nilalet?] and dated 17 June 1755. The inventory includes his three looms and weaving tools as well as furniture, kitchen wares, gardening tools, clothes, and other...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 14 Jul 2013

A true inventory of … Elizabeth Rose … of Stroud

10592367   lwlpr28167-lwlpr28168 Manuscript, in a single hand, dated and signed by the two appaisers, James Winchcombe and J. Heart. The inventory includes a loom and warping barr as well as furniture and kitchen wares, and other items. Title: A true...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 14 Jul 2013

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