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What’s In an Ancient Egyptian Makeup Bag?

By Alana Martini, published as part of the Undergraduate Series I have been fascinated by the world of cosmetics for a very long time, and it appears that I am not the only one. Our love affair with cosmetics is almost as old as humanity itself. Large...
From: The Recipes Project on 8 Oct 2019


In September 2016, The Recipes Project celebrated its fourth birthday. We now have over 500 posts in our archives and over 120 pages for readers to sift through. That’s a lot of material! (And thank you so much to our contributors for...
From: The Recipes Project on 19 Sep 2017

Interpretations of 17th century makeup

Making use of what I wrote in my last post, I then made two makeup-looks, both based on period recipes, but turning out very differently!Two interpretations of 17th century makeupAs have been described there were several kinds of pigments as well on hot...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 2 Jan 2015

Women's makeup in the 17th century

Woman with a Mirror by Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), c. 1640This article was originally published at Your Wardrobe Unlock'd. The first part cover the history of makeup, the second my interpretation of makeup using period recipes. After making the...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 29 Dec 2014

Madame du Barry, a known beauty

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Portrait of the Comtesse Du Barry. [1771] ? oil on canvas."All the portraits and documents agree in giving Du Barry the rarest fascinations of woman, the enchantments of an unrivaled grace. Her hair was fine, long and silky, and...

Spanish Wooll, a 17th century rouge recipe

The recipeXIV. Spanish wooll, wherewith women paint their faces red. Boil shearings of Scarlet in water of quick-lime half an hour, of which take two pound, to which put Brazil two ounces (rasped) Roch Alom, Verdegrise, of each one ounce, Gum-Arabick...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 25 Feb 2014

Medieval Makeup ‘Artists’. Painting Wood and Skin

by Marjolijn Bol What there is stays the same. That she can never change.                                                      … Continue reading →
From: The Recipes Project on 18 Feb 2014

An article on stage makeup in the 17th and 18th century

Some time ago I was asked by Talia of The Gibson Girl's Guide to Glamor if I wanted to write an article about stage makeup in the 17th and 18th century for a website she runs about Commedia dell'Arte. Which I, of course, wanted and you can now read the...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 11 Feb 2014

Dior inspired by Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon for Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

Dior looks back to the 18th century again for inspiration, this time it is Marie Antoinette's Petit Trianon that has inspired their new makeup collection.  The colors are soft and  glowy - and the details are ornamental and fun, the palette...

A beautiful visage- 17th century male beauty

Karl X Gustaf of Sweden attributed to Abraham Wugters, before 1660An overview over makeup and hairstyles for men in the 17th century, a companion post to A beautiful visage- 17th century female beauty. The focus is on European upper class gentlemen....
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 12 Oct 2013

A beautiful visage- 17th century female beauty

I grew a bit tired of reading about the 18th century and took a little break into the 17th instead. It is one of my favourite periods, and I think it is a pity that it isn't better loved. This is meant as an overview over makeup and hairstyles, which...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 6 Oct 2013

A review of Classic Beauty: The History of Makeup

SourceClassic Beauty: The History of Makeup is written by Gabriela Hernandez, the founder of Bésame, a cosmetic company that specialize in makeup with a retro feel to it. They really have excellent makeup, if you haven’t tried their lipsticks, then...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 31 Aug 2013

A young lady holding a pug dog

I find this portrait by François Boucher, dated to the mid-1740s, interesting because she is so very clearly made up. Rouge is usually quite easy to see on paintings, but white makeup can be harder to spot. This young lady is having it a, though. She...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 27 Aug 2013

Fall is Fabulous: Giveaway!

I have decided to start the fall off with a (fashionable) reader giveaway!  I am very excited to be offering these awesome 18th century inspired items from Tokyo Milk featuring a lovely portrait of Marie Antoinette.  Marie Chérie cosmetic tote"A...

Madame Isis beauty parlour goes to Sala

The silver mine in Sala has an 18th century festival every year and last year I attended for the first time, along with other members of Gustafs Skål. It was great fun and this year I was asked to hold a little talk on 18th century beauty. Of course,...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 4 Jul 2013

Making real pearl powder

Seed pearlsLast year I started to make real pearl powder, but at the time I lived at our summerhouse for several weeks as the plumbing was renovated in our apartment, so I made it and then forgot about it. So, finally, here is the result.I used real pearls,...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 17 May 2013

The history of the black patch

Detail from Woman at her Toilette by Francois Boucher, 1769The finishing touches of a fashionable makeup.Others make Posies of her Cheeks, Where Red and Whitest Colours mix; In which the Lilly, and the Rose, For Indian Lake, and Ceruse goes. The Sun,...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 1 Feb 2013

Making and wearing Nun's cream and Economical rouge

I finally took the time to make Nun's cream and the Economical rouge, Both recipes are very easy to make and you can see the result here. The white pigment in Nun's cream is Bismuth and as you can see it's shiny, bit doesn't cover up very well. I find...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 26 Jan 2013

An economical rouge

The recipeFine Carmine, pulverized and prepared for for this purpose [rouge], is without doubt the best of all Paints, and which the Ladies ought to adopt. In order to use it in an agreeable and frugal manner, procure some fine pomatum, without scent,...
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 2 Oct 2012

Guest blogging at American Duchess

I’m sure you all know about the lovely American Duchess. I’m having the great opportunity to guest blog there so hop along and read about busting Georgian beauty myths!
From: Madame Isis' Toilette on 6 Sep 2012

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