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Wallachian victory at Battle of Călugăreni (1595)

 Film  Mihai Viteazul (1970)At the end of the 16th century Wallachian ruler Prince Michael the Brave overcame the adversity of the Ottoman and Austrian Empires to unite Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania into one
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 6 Jun 2021

Ztracenci (1956)

 Lost Children (Czech: Ztracenci) is a 1956 Czechoslovak historical drama anti-war film directed by Miloš Makovec and based on Jiří Brdečka's adaptation of a short story by Alois Jirásek. The film was screened in the main competition section of...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 26 May 2021

Battle of Poltava (8 July 1709)

 Clip from Russian movie "Слуга Государев" (The Sovereign's Servant) 2007
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 2 Apr 2021

Barry Lyndon and Music | BFI

 Stanley Kubrick's use of music is crucial to the form of Barry Lyndon. Learn more about it with with this exclusive video essay.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 26 Mar 2021

Me And Marlborough [1935]

 Me and Marlborough - WikipediaFull movie. Comedy.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 26 Mar 2021

Stills from Barry Lyndon (1975)

 Always a pleasure to watch Barry Lyndon.More here Barry Lyndon | Stills From Beautiful Films (
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 8 Mar 2021

Polish Ottoman War | Siege of Polish fort

 "Polish–Ottoman War (1672–1676) was a conflict between the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Ottoman Empire, as a precursor of the Great Turkish War. It ended in 1676 with the Treaty of Żurawno and the Commonwealth ceding...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 19 Feb 2021

Charles XII film 1925

 Today in 1708 Charles XII lost his life so to commemorate this and the fact that I am currently reading a really good biography here are a few scenes from a film about him. Someone should make a film about this now - an epic life. 1925 film wiki
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 30 Nov 2020

Ukradená bitva (1972)

 Czech film classic presents: Stolen Battle (1972) Stranka, a native of Kadana in The Czech Republic, studied at FAMU in Prague, but he made his films mainly in what was then East Germany. In 1972 he became a screenwriter...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 25 Nov 2020

Ranking American Revolution Films and Television

Given movies and television are the great American art form, the American Revolution has been poorly served by filmmakers. Though it was one of... The post Ranking American Revolution Films and Television appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

Winstanley Digger Song

 A clip from the 1975 film Winstanley. The rain brings back memories of ECW reenacting. And the singing.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 3 Oct 2020

Admiral Command and Conquer Full Movie

ADMIRAL: COMMAND AND CONQUER is a Dutch historical drama about the 17th Century Admiral, Michiel de Ruyter, as he leads his navy in defence of his fledgling nation.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 25 Jun 2020

Fanny Lye Deliver'd - Official UK Trailer - Out 26th June

Fanny Lye (Maxine Peake) lives a quiet Puritan life with her husband John (Charles Dance) and young son Arthur (Zak Adams), but her simple world is shaken to its core by the unexpected arrival of a mysterious young couple (Freddie Fox and Tanya Reynolds)...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 15 Jun 2020

Cromwellian Conversations 6: The Civil Wars on Film & TV

There have been a number of films and television dramas set against the background of the English Civil War, but are any of them historically accurate? Cromwell Museum Curator Stuart Orme looks at some of the best known and most interesting films and...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 26 May 2020

Forthcoming series set in late 17th century New France

I don't normally do this but this trailer for a series for National Geographic looks good. Go to my Flintlock and Tomahawk blog to see it. 
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 28 Apr 2020

Il Mestiere delle armi (2001) - La battaglia

Steve Stanley was hosting a debate on Facebook about films you can stand repeat viewings of and Bruno Mugnai (who is a great military artist) recommended this one. So I checked it out and it looks great. He says 'the movie on the death of Giovanni de'...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 6 Apr 2020

Publicity still from Alatriste

I still haven't seen this film but people reckon it's good so I am going to watch it. I understand the plot is difficult if you haven't read the books (I haven't) so shall be watching for scenes like the above.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 4 Feb 2020

Тобол (The Conquest of Siberia) - Film Trailer

IMDBA young officer of Peter I's First Guard, Ivan Demarin, on the instructions of the tsar, is sent to the depths of Siberia - to border Tobolsk. Here Ivan meets his first love and, together with his regiment, finds himself drawn into a conspiracy by...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 6 Nov 2019

Me And Marlborough [1935]

Released on July 23, 1935: A feisty British barmaid pretends to be a man so she can join the Duke of Marlborough to fight the French in Flanders.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 31 Oct 2019

Catherine the Great (2019) trailer

I don't really watch TV but I might give this a go. Not everybody is loving it though - Russians don't seem to like it but we will see.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 13 Sep 2019

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