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Sherlock, The Abominable Bride: the exhaustion of a gay sensibility

Cumberbatch in the 1890s costume (and the expression on his face in the contemporary scenes match) Friends and readers, Once more on these Sherlocks: my general assessment and a recap have been ably set forth by both my daughters (general assessment...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 4 Jan 2016

On Australian colonialist history, fictions & films, & worlds of emigration beyond

Murray Griffin (1903-2), The Stables Two Fires One, the summer fire outside: the trees meling, returning to their first red elements on all sides, cutting me off from escape or the saving lake I sat in the house, raised up between that shapeless raging...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 9 Jul 2015

Upstairs and Downstairs, British Costume Drama for TV, Forsyte Saga to Downton Abbey (2)

Claire Foy as Anne Boleyn at her wedding to Henry VIII — of course Wolf Hall is not covered in this volume, but it fits into the insights into historical film and fiction (it is Winston’s Graham’s first type, where all major character...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 25 Apr 2015

Winston Graham: the writer of the Poldark novels; A Forgotten Story

1968 Pan Books edition Dear friends and readers, [A great disappointment today: the first class of Poldark Novels In Context I was cancelled [see comments]. I decided we should forge ahead and reading Ross Poldark for next week (see pages schedule) and...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 2 Mar 2015

Winston Graham’s Forgotten Story; what makes a mystery-thriller serious

Robin Ellis as Ross Poldark (1977) Aiden Turner as Ross Poldark (2015) Dear friends and readers, With the re-airing of the 1975-78 Poldark mini-series, the imminent airing of a new one in March on British TV and in June on PBS, and my own coming course...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 3 Feb 2015

The Gothic

A Syllabus for a Class at the Oscher Lifelong Learning Institute at George Mason University Exploring the Gothic Day: 8 Tuesday afternoons, 2:25-3:40 pm, Sept 24th to Nov 11th Tallwood, 4210 Roberts Road. Fairfax Instructor: Ellen Moody Description of...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 17 Sep 2014

George Cukor’s Philadelphia Story & Gaslight as Hays Code 1940s films

Macauley (Mike) Connor (Jimmy Stewart) carrying the drunken Tracy Lord (Katherine Hepburn) back from mid-night time at pool, encountering her nearly divorced husband, CK Dexter Haven (Cary Grant) and soon-to-be-husband, George Kittredge (John Howard)...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 25 Aug 2014

Rebecca Eaton, Making Masterpiece (Theater): A telling history

Maggie Smith between scenes Dear friends and readers, I somehow suspect my phrase of praise for Rebecca Eaton and Patricia Mulcahy’s Making Masterpiece that it fulfills the once famous goals of Lord Reith or the BBC to “educate, inform, entertain”...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 8 Jul 2014

Downton Abbey redux: Mr Bates as dark hero, alter ego for Fellowes

First named character seen as Downton Abbey began: Mr Bates (Brendan Coyle) heading north for the job of valet to Lord Grantham (DA, 1:1) Penultimate named characters seen as Downton Abbey, the 4th season ends: Mr and Mrs Anna (Joanne Froggart) Bates...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 15 May 2014

New Sherlock: “Last Vow:” a multiplication of women & against the grain

Lady Smallwood (original story Lady Blackwell, player Lindsay Duncan — one of my favorite actresses), politician Nameless person calling herself Mary Morstan (original story, Watson’s wife, player Amanda Abbington), double Dear friends and...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 4 Feb 2014

The New Sherlock: from sceptical camp to melancholy sentiment

Bernard Cumberbatch as Sherlock and Martin Freeman as Watson, together again in Empty Hearse John Thaw as Jonathan Small being taken away to prison at close of Sign of Four Dear friends and readers, Well two years have gone by since we last saw the...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 28 Jan 2014

Emelyne Godfrey’s Masculinity, Crime and Self-Defence in Victorian Literature

Dear friends and readers, [Gentle reader, the last section on Sherlock Holmes is not yet entered ... ] Some nine days ago I put Anthony Trollope’s satiric newspaper article, “The Uncontrolled Ruffianism of London” on my website and...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 12 Nov 2013

Winston Graham: an annotated bibliography & dust jackets

Winston Graham — from his middle years Robin Ellis, recently — very important in shaping and keeping memory of Poldark alive (Making Poldark in a 3rd edition) Dear friends and readers, I’m delighted (and honored) to be able to report...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 29 Oct 2013

Television Novels

Michelle Dockery looking lovely at this years’ Emmy awards (the 65th ceremony): Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey; Katherine, Shakespeare’s Henry V’s queen, in an upcoming Great Performances Dear readers and friends, I’ve been...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 27 Sep 2013

Harvey Pekar & Joyce Brabner’s Our Cancer Year

Cover of graphic novel Dear friends and readers, As those people who read my Sylvia blog know, my husband, Jim (“the Admiral”), was diagnosed with esophageal cancer this past April 28th, and he and I have been coping ever since. He had major...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 3 Jul 2013

PCA/ACA Conference: film studies

Dear friends and readers, [Pray do not read until I've done ... ] Though I didn’t count the number or work out what percentage of the total number of panels film studies represented, I’ll hazard a guess it was at least one-half. Sometimes...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 9 Apr 2013

Christmas ghost stories

BBC film adaptation of M. R. James’s The Ash Tree Dear friends and readers, This Christmas I revived on all three of my list-servs reading and discussion of Christmas ghost stories — or, failing ghosts (the case of Anthony Trollope, too strong...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 26 Dec 2012

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