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America Begins: How Connecticut’s Samuel Johnson Created America

“The great End and Business therefore of Philosophy, is to make us truly happy; and this is the End ultimately pursued through all the... The post America Begins: How Connecticut’s Samuel Johnson Created America appeared first on Journal of the American...

Local Color: Salem June

This is going to be an odd post which will start out sweet and end up a bit sour, but I can promise you that it will be colorful throughout. There’s one aspect of Salem’s history that I never seem to be able to cover completely, despite the longevity...
From: streets of salem on 11 Jun 2022

Appel à contribution : ArtItalies, n° 29, 2023

Appel à contribution : ArtItalies, n° 29, 2023 Date limite : 6 novembre 2022L’Association des historiens de l’art italien (AHAI) a été créée en 1993 par une équipe de scientifiques désireux de communiquer et de partager avec un large public...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 11 Jun 2022

Review: The Voyages and Manifesto of William Fergusson. Edited w/ introduction & notes by Derek L. Elliott (The Hakluyt Society, 2021)

by Lionel Knight Review forthcoming in The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society Reposted with permission This volume will join more than forty travel accounts focused wholly or in part on South Asia which the Hakluyt Society has published over...
From: Richard who? on 9 Jun 2022

Contrasted opinions respecting the new emperor

“Two tiers of single English figures expressing appropriate opinions about the coronation of Napoleon.”–British Museum online catalogue. Printmaker: Williams, Charles, active 1797-1830, printmaker. Title: Contrasted opinions respecting the new...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 31 May 2022

Aide à l’édition (Société d’étude du XVIIe siècle)

Aide à l’édition (Société d’étude du XVIIe siècle) La Société d’étude du XVIIe siècle propose chaque année une aide à l’édition. Celle-ci concerne des ouvrages de toute discipline, en langue française, portant sur la période 1580-1720....
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 27 May 2022

“Anabaptist,” Mennonite and Doopsgezind Women in Early Modern Dutch history (ca. 1570-1800)

This is a post-in-progress. I will send out a notice about it once it is done.   The list is from the Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland ( So far, it includes 14+ profiles of noteworthy women. Most...
From: Dutch Dissenters on 26 May 2022

Review: The Javanese Travels of Purwalelana. Translated, with introduction & notes by Bosnak & Koot (The Hakluyt Society, 2020).

by Lionel Knight “The Javanese Travels of Purwalelana. A Nobleman’s Account of His Journeys across the Island of Java 1860–1875. Translated, with an Introduction and Notes, by Judith E. Bosnak and Frans X. Koot. Pp. Xii, 272. Published by Routledge...
From: Richard who? on 22 May 2022

Michael G. Brennan, English Travellers to Venice: 1450-1600, London: The Hakluyt Society, 2022.

By Michael G Brennan, Professor of Renaissance Studies at the School of English, University of Leeds. English Travellers to Venice: 1450-1600 originally developed from accounts of travellers to Venice in my two earlier Hakluyt Society books: The Travel...
From: Richard who? on 17 May 2022

Appel à communication : Copying and Imitation in Early Modern Architecture (Brussels/Ghent, Jun 23)

Copying and Imitation in Early Modern Architecture (Brussels/Ghent, Jun 23) Brussels/Ghent Deadline: Jul 15, 2022 Practices of Copying & Imitation in Early Modern Architecture (1400-1700) Organizers Nele De Raedt, Elizabeth Merrill Concept This research...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 May 2022

Publication : Le retour de Dada (un coffret de 4 volumes !)

Le retour de Dada (coffret de 4 volumes) Edité par Agathe Mareuge et Sandro Zanetti. textes en français, anglais, allemand 15 x 21 (broché, sous coffret) 4 volumes, 208 + 184 + 196 + 176 pages (ill. bichromie) 35.00€ ISBN : 978-2-37896-208-1 EAN...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 May 2022

Parution : Gribouillage / Scarabocchio. De Léonard de Vinci à Cy Twombly

Gribouillage / Scarabocchio. De Léonard de Vinci à Cy Twombly Sous la direction de Francesca Alberti et Diane Bodart Co-édité par la Villa Médicis et Beaux-Arts de Paris éditions, 2022, 39 € ISBN : 9782840568483 400 pages Deux versions : Français...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 May 2022

Parution : Penser la laideur dans l’art italien de la Renaissance

Penser la laideur dans l’art italien de la Renaissance. De la dysharmonie à la belle laideur par Olivier Chiquet, Presses universitaires de Rennes. EAN : 9782753582781 Nb de pages : 322 Pour commander l’ouvrage sur le site de l’éditeur, cliquez...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 May 2022

Appel à publications : Recherches sur la Suisse au XVIIIe siècle

La rédaction de Revue suisse pour l’étude du XVIIIe siècle vous invite à lui soumettre une proposition d’articles pour son numéro 14 (2023). publie des articles scientifiques, des éditions commentées de sources ou des essais...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 4 May 2022

May 1

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? “Clocks & Watches Clean’d in the Cheapest and best Manner.” Nathaniel Sheaff Griffith made brief appeals to price and quality in an advertisement that ran in the May 1,...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 1 May 2022

Souscription Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard (1780-1850) aux éditions Arthena

Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard (1780-1850), par Rébecca DUFFEIX, Docteur en Histoire de l’art Reconnu jusqu’aux années 1830 comme un artiste majeur, Alexandre-Évariste Fragonard (1780-1850) a été injustement éclipsé au profit de son père,...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 22 Apr 2022

Pirates were Pirates

So I’ve been preoccupied with pirates for about a week, ever since the new Real Pirates Museum opened up in Salem adjacent to Charlotte Forten Park on Derby Street. My preoccupation was fostered by initial outrage at the apparent pirate takeover...
From: streets of salem on 16 Apr 2022

Appel à publication : Behind the Scenes of Object-Based Art Histories

Behind the Scenes of Object-Based Art Histories Deadline: Jun 15, 2022 Vernon Press invites book chapter proposals to be included in a forthcoming edited collection on « Behind the Scenes of Object-Based Art Histories, » edited by Carl Schmitz and Tracee...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 Apr 2022

Appel à contributions : Perspective, n° 2023 – 2 MODE(S)

Bibliothèque des collections de Thebe Magugu, page d’accueil et menu d’accès aux collections (Spring-Summer 2021) [URL :]. © Thebe Magugu, droits réservés – image publiée avec son aimable autorisation...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 Apr 2022

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