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As You Like It (Northern Broadsides) @ Leeds Playhouse

‘Time travels in diverse paces with diverse persons’, announced Rosalind (EM Williams), pausing pointedly on the word ‘diverse’. The emphasis on diversity in relation to time aligned with designer E. M. Parry’s interest in the programme note...
From: The Bardathon on 19 May 2022

“The Chiefs Now in This City:” Indians and the Urban Frontier in Early America

“The Chiefs Now in This City:” Indians and the Urban Frontier in Early America by Colin G. Calloway (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2021) BOOK... The post “The Chiefs Now in This City:” Indians and the Urban Frontier in Early America...

Sense & Sensibility: Review of a play by Kate Hamill

Inquiring readers, I’ve had the pleasure of viewing the play, Sense and Sensibility, an enjoyable adaptation by Kate Hamill from the Jane Austen novel of that name. It was directed by Susanna Gellert in Everyman Theatre. Ten actors, all professionals...
From: Jane Austen's World on 14 May 2022

Nothello @ Belgrade Theatre

‘More effing M-words’ shouted out a disgruntled audience member during the closing scene of Othello, reacting to Emilia yet again referring to Othello as ‘The Moor’. ‘He’s got a name!’ the young man shouted. A steward attempted to intervene:...
From: The Bardathon on 13 May 2022

The House of Dudley by Joanne Paul

As the nine-year-old Edward VI rode through London on the way to his coronation in Westminster Abbey in February 1547, he paused for a while to watch a man perform on a tightrope strung from the steeple of St Paul’s. He might have been advised to study...
From: Mathew Lyons on 4 May 2022

Cornwallis: Soldier and Statesman in a Revolutionary World

BOOK REVIEW: Cornwallis: Soldier and Statesman in a Revolutionary World by Richard Middleton (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2022). It says something about an... The post Cornwallis: Soldier and Statesman in a Revolutionary World appeared first on...

The Wars of the Roses (RSC) @ The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

In the foyers of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Jack Cade’s face stared out from wanted posters. As the production itself began, Aaron Sidwell’s rebel stumbled across the stage, followed by the roaring mob who Clifford and Buckingham had earlier sent...
From: The Bardathon on 29 Apr 2022

Henry VI: Rebellion (RSC) @ The Royal Shakespeare Theatre

The unique problem facing any stand-alone production of Henry VI, Part 2 is the suspended ending. Other plays that are part of a sequence – 3 Henry VI, 1 Henry IV, for instance – still manage to reach a point of conclusion or at least pause; 2 Henry...
From: The Bardathon on 28 Apr 2022

Illuminating the Middle Ages

It is probably true that no period in European history had been so misconceived, misconstrued, misrepresented, as the Middle Ages. Alone the fact that a period of history that is often considered to have lasted a thousand years from 500 to 1500 CE is...
From: The Renaissance Mathematicus on 27 Apr 2022

Henry V (Donmar Warehouse) @ Broadway Cinema via NT Live

In a pre-show interview that served as paratext to the NT Live broadcast of the Donmar’s Henry V, Kit Harington spoke candidly about his own experience of addiction and recovery. His substance use, at a time when his global fame was at a peak, reflected...
From: The Bardathon on 23 Apr 2022

Much Ado About Nothing (RSC) @ BBC iPlayer

Roy Alexander Weise’s Much Ado about Nothing is a landmark RSC production in several respects. It’s the first full-scale main-stage production directed by a Black director at the RSC (in 2022!), and the first ‘repeat’ production to interrupt...
From: The Bardathon on 21 Apr 2022


Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz’ The Passenger. I have just finished reading Ulrich Alexander Boschwitz’ The Passenger, the story of a Jewish businessman trying to escape the Nazis in the wake of Kristallnacht. The novel opens on 9 November with a visit...
From: The History Woman's Blog on 19 Apr 2022

The Burlington Magazine, April

The eighteenth century in the April issue of The Burlington . . . The Burlington Magazine 164 (April 2022) A R T I C L E S • Lucy Davis and Natalia Muñoz-Rojas, “The Provenance of Het Steen and The Rainbow Landscape by Rubens,” pp. 333–41. New...
From: Enfilade on 18 Apr 2022

Articles in the Colonial Latin American Review 31/1,

Colonial Latin American Review 31/1 (2022): Kelly Donahue-Wallace, “Imprinting exemplarity: a culture of print in Mexican nuns’ portraits.” Heather J. Allen, “Scriban voices in Chimalpahin’s transcription of La conquista de Mexico.“...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 13 Apr 2022

Restall Reviews Fernández-Armesto, “Straits,” in the TLS, April 1,

Matthew Restall reviews Felipe Fernández-Armesto, Straits: Beyond the Myth of Magellan in The Times Literary Supplement, April 1, 2022, No. 6209.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 5 Apr 2022

Rizzuto, “The Crusading Indulgence & the Revolt of the Comunidades,” CHR, Autumn 2021

Claudio César Rizzuto, “The Crusading Indulgence and the Revolt of the Comunidades of Castile (1520-21): Ecclesiastical Reform and Local Religious Life,” The Catholic Historical Review 107/4 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 4 Apr 2022

The Burlington Magazine, February

The eighteenth century in February’s issue of The Burlington . . . The Burlington Magazine 164 (February 2022) — Northern European Art Nathaniel Dance Holland, Portrait of Christian VII, King of Denmark, 1768, oil on canvas, 77 × 63 cm (Royal Collection...
From: Enfilade on 31 Mar 2022

A Cock is a Thing that Ticks

As I have mentioned a few times in the past, I came late to the computer and the Internet. No Sinclairs, Ataris, or Commadores in my life, my first computer was a Bondi Blue iMac G3. All of which is kind of ironic, because by the time I acquired that...
From: The Renaissance Mathematicus on 30 Mar 2022

Heil, “Alfonso V of Aragon as Crusader King” in CHR Summer 2021

John-Paul Heil, “Assassinations, Mercenaries, and Alfonso V of Aragon as Crusader King in the Thought of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini,” The Catholic Historical Review 107/3 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 29 Mar 2022

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