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how do you use digital special collections?

detail of armorial stamp (Folger 269- 362f)I’ve been thinking about the digital landscape of special collections recently (hi, RBMS16!) and while I have lots of thoughts on how I come across and use the digital incarnations of rare books and manuscript...
From: Wynken de Worde on 17 Jun 2016

books with friends

In the last few years I’ve started to keep track of what I’ve read. I don’t do anything fancy: I have a google doc and I write down the author and title of each book I’m reading and some quick notes on it, keeping track of the...
From: Wynken de Worde on 3 Jan 2016


I’ve been thinking about the social ties that connect us to our scholarship. Last week I was at the annual Shakespeare Association of America meeting (or #shakeass13, as it was lovingly hashtagged), a conference that I’ve been going to every...
From: Wynken de Worde on 7 Apr 2013