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Answers for Grizel and Jean Frasers daughters to the deceast Alezander Fraser

Author: Fraser, Grizel. Title:Answers for Grizel and Jean Frasers daughters to the deceast Alezander Fraser of Phoppachy, to the petition of Simon Lord Lovat. Publication:[Edinburgh] : publisher not identified, [3 February 1738] Catalog Record...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 17 Aug 2016

Scarlatti and Ottoboni's Saint in the Making

The liner notes--which came as a CD-rom disc included in the jewel box--of San Filippo Neri recorded by soloists and the Alessandro Stradella Consort, describe the genesis of the oratorio form in the prayer meetings at the Oratory:The death of St....

Elizabeth's Heir: Margaret Stanley, Countess of Derby

Above: A portrait thought to be of Lady Margaret Stanley, countess of Derby or her mother Lady Eleanor Brandon.In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in the Elizabethan succession and, in particular, the extraordinary lives of Lady Jane,...
From: Conor Byrne on 8 Jan 2016

Attention Italian Readers

On the 4th of December there starts a unique exhibition in Milan. It's the recreation of the uniforms and equipment of the Maison du Roi. To see what sort of thing to expect check out here
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 3 Dec 2015

The Battle of Guastalla 1734

Images from here where there are more
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 3 Dec 2015

Battle of Parma - 29 June l734

From the wikiThe Battle of San Pietro, also known as the Battle of Crocetta or the Battle of Parma was a battle fought on June 29, 1734, between troops of France and Sardinia on one side, and Habsburg Austrian troops on the other, as part of the War of...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 25 Nov 2015

Book: Marlborough's other army. The British Army and the Campaigns of the First Peninsular War, 1702-171

When this book was first announced on the publisher's site, I was pleased to see a book in this subject being written and published. It is needless to say that I was very keen on giving this book a good reading, and see how and where it could fit in my...
From: British Army Lineages on 15 Jun 2015

Battles on and off the field

The eleventh of May 2015 is the 270th anniversary of the battle of Fontenoy, a great French victory in the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748). Voltaire’s official position as royal historiographer allowed him privileged access, for a time,...
From: Voltaire Foundation on 11 May 2015

Blenheim: The Battle for Europe by Charles Spencer

Although the Battle of Blenheim took place in the 18th Century, the historical persons involved were extremely important in Late 17th-century European history. This was the second book by historian Charles Spencer that I have read, the first being his...
From: The Seventeenth Century Lady on 13 Apr 2015

Book Review: Many Kinds of Silence

Second book of 2015! This historical novel imagines what William Shakespeare might have been up to during those lost years in the 1580's. Suspenseful tension makes this a real page turner, or screen turner in my case, since I read it on my Kindle. Ashworth...

Filling the Shakespearean Gaps: Many Kinds of Silence

Ernst Anselm Joachim (EAJ) Honigmann died in 2011; one of his most influential works was Shakespeare: The Lost Years. According to The Telegraph's obituary:His thesis in The Lost Years followed EK Chambers’s suggestion that the young Shakespeare might...

Grumpy George and his family: The First Georgians at the Queen’s Gallery

David Garrick with his Wife Eva-Maria Veigel. Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014 The first Georgians must have been a grumpy lot. At least this is the impression visitors of the exhibition The First Georgians: Art & Monarchy...
From: The History Woman's Blog on 25 May 2014

Some regimental establishments

Following the earlier post on the size of the regiment of foot, and the various (official) establishment listed, this post will actually detail some of these establishments. This post will look at the regiments in the Low Countries.As stated previously,...
From: British Army Lineages on 21 Oct 2013

What was the size of a regiment of foot?

After a couple of months of research for other projects, I returned to the reductions after the War of the Spanish Succession (see also my Half-Pay officers for 1714). Here I looked into the question on the size of a regiment. More in particular, and...
From: British Army Lineages on 13 Oct 2013

Stuart Successions

An Interdisciplinary Colloquium to be held at Jesus College, Oxford, 27-28 September 2013Moments of royal and protectoral succession in the early-modern period generated huge quantities of writing across a range of forms: from panegyric to polemic,...
From: The Renaissance Diary... on 27 Sep 2013

Podcast on the War of the Spanish Succession

Andrew Tumath contributed a nice article in the latest issue of the Journal of the Society of Army Historical Research on the British army in Spain after the Brihuega disaster. In the note about the author, it was mentioned that mr Tumath...
From: British Army Lineages on 26 Sep 2013

Lady Jane Grey, the Nine Days Queen

Four days after young King Edward VI died on July 6, 1553, Lady Jane Dudley began her reign as Queen of England. (I call her by her married name because her in-law relationship to the Duke of Northumberland, John Dudley, was essential to her succession...

St. Thomas More

I have written and posted and spoken often about St. Thomas More--he's been mentioned 54 times at least on this blog, for example. For the past two years, especially during the two Fortnight for Freedom events, his name and his cause have been mentioned...

Johann Philipp Maul and the Healing Waters of Schwelm

Built in 1790, this neat ‘Brunnenhaus’ still marks the spot where the healing waters once flowed in Schwelm. In Maul’s own day, there was only a simple wooden construction. At the truly exciting conference that was ESSWE4 (University...

Whatever Happened To The Schombergs?

I do not believe that the 1707 Treaty of Union was ever inevitable. This does not mean to say that I disapprove of it, or that I am predicting its demise, but I do consider its creation and continuance as a matter of choice. I do not agree that Scotland...
From: The Three Piece Puzzle on 24 May 2013

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