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A review of Wearing History's Smooth Sailing 1930s Sport Togs- Blouse & Trousers Pattern

Wearing History recently expanded the sizes of her Smooth Sailing 1930s Sport Togs- Blouse & Trousers Pattern. The original pattern package has bust sizes 30-40, and now there’s also a plus-size one in bust sizes 41-53, and waist sizes 34-46....
From: Isis' Wardrobe on 28 Oct 2020

Royal Vintage - Deco Darling Collection Now on Pre-Order!

Hello Darlings!We are super excited to announce that our sister company Royal Vintage has released the newest collection line for Pre-Order (Delivery in early June)! It's named Deco Darling and it is jazzy collection of shoes from the 1920s and 30s....

Queen Elizabeth’s wardrobe lost and found

A couple of months ago a new discovery for those of us interested in early modern England was announced. One of Elizabeth 1’s dresses, or at least part of one, had been found in a small church in rural Herefordshire. This gorgeously-embroidered...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 21 Mar 2017

How To Make a 1920s Miss Fisher Wardrobe

For Costume College 2016, one of the classes I taught was about making a "Miss Fisher" wardrobe, developing your style based on the popular Australian murder-mystery show set at the end of the 1920s. I've talked about Miss Fisher here before, and I had...

A "Miss Fisher" 1920s Burgundy Cloche Hat

It pales in comparison to the original, but I'm quite happy with my burgundy Miss Fisher hat, retro-cycled from a sad garage sale find. I know it's February - practically Spring! - but I'm still working on my Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries wardrobe. I...

Miss Fisher Chinoiserie Jacket Refashion

The Miss Fisher Fashion quest continues! So far I've made some trousers, a skirt, a blouse, a couple hats, and I've purchased a few things as well.I've also caught the "refashion" bug, retro-cycling clothes to give them a more vintage look. It's fun to...

My Version of McCall 8641 - 1936 Skirt Pattern

My 1930s "Miss Fisher" skirt inspired by McCall 8641 from 1936 Continuing on with my Miss Fisher Capsule Wardrobe, I set to making a skirt from the navy blue wool gabardine I'm using as my base fabric.I know the show is set in 1929 (so far), but a lot...

FlapperHacks: Re-blocking Wool Hats

On today's edition of FlapperHacks, I'll share a couple of wool hats I've created for my Autumn Miss Fisher wardrobe.These hats were formerly in one shape, and have become another - that is, I've re-blocked them, rescuing otherwise tatty headgear and...

Orientalism in 1920s Fashion

Orientalism was a big trend in 1920s Western fashion, taking design for textiles, silhouette, even makeup, from Japan, China, Russia, India, and the Middle East.I noticed that Miss Fisher wears a lot of Asian-influenced clothing. Her entire look, with...

My First Miss Fisher Outfit

Last month I wrote about my love obsession with Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and of course Miss Fisher's fashion.While the show is set in 1929, most of what Miss Fisher wears is much more 1930s. I'm totally okay with that - the '30s is my favorite...

Miss Fisher's Fabulous Fashion

I'm *deep* in Costume College prep fog, but I have been winding down my nights watching Season 2 of "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," an Australian series that is everything you would ever want a detective show set in the 1920s to be. Geometric blouse +...

How to Dress, 1530

Well turned out, you say?Francis I of France,  c. 1520-5"Naturally good or bad taste does exist. Things which are useless to the function of an article of dress, for example, are in bad taste... It was once held to be somewhat effeminate not to wear...
From: Ask the Past on 25 Jun 2014

18C American Women + a bit of intrigue by Cosmo Alexander (1724-1772)

Cosmo Alexander (1724-1772) Self Portrait c 1747Cosmo Alexander (1724-1772) was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, the son of Catholic portrait painter & engraver John Alexander (1690-1765) and the great grandson of George Jameson (c.1587-1644), whom Horace...
From: 18th-century American Women on 17 Nov 2013

18C American Women 1740s

1740 John Heaton (American colonial era artist, c 1695-a 1742) Magdalena Douw (Mrs Harme) from Albany, New York. (This artist's name also spelled in records of the period Iten, Eyton, Eaton, & Easton.) He married Maria Hooghkerk (daughter of Lucus...
From: 18th-century American Women on 16 Nov 2013

18C American Women 1730s

1730 John Smibert (American colonial era artist, 1688-1751). Possibly Hester Stanton Plaisted Gooch.1730 Gansevoort Limner possibly Pieter Vanderlyn (American colonial era artist, 1687-1778). Susanna Truax.1730 Pieter Vanderlyn (American colonial era...
From: 18th-century American Women on 16 Nov 2013

The Virgin Queen (Virginia) - Elizabeth I 1533-1603 as Princess

1543-47 Princess Elizabeth Tudor 1533-1603 Detail cropped from dynastic portrait of The Family of Henry VIII including his children1545 Family of Henry VIIIThe open neck, without a ruff, was reserved for unmarried ladies. As Queen, Elizabeth usually wore...
From: 17th-century American Women on 1 Feb 2013

The Virgin Queen (Virginia) - Elizabeth I 1544 An early letter at age 11

1546-47 Princess Elizabeth Tudor 1533-1603 by William ScrotsThis is reportedly the earliest letter surviving in the hand of Elizabeth I.  On 31st July 1544, she wrote to her stepmother, Catherine Parr in Italian.“Inimical fortune, envious of all...
From: 17th-century American Women on 1 Feb 2013

The Virgin Queen (Virginia) -Elizabeth I 1559 The Coronation eyewitness account

1559-60 Queen Elizabeth I 1533-1603 The Coronation portrait, coronation on 15 January 1559, Copy c 1600-1610 of a lost original of c 1559."The Passage of our Most Dread Sovereign Lady, Queen Elizabeth, Through the City of London to Westminster, the Day...
From: 17th-century American Women on 1 Feb 2013

The Virgin Queen (Virginia) - Elizabeth I 1559 Declares she will remain a virgin + Early Portraits

1558-early 60s Queen Elizabeth I 1533-1603 Unknown artist English SchoolThe year was 1559, and Elizabeth I had been Queen only one year."When the Assembly of Parliament was now to be dissolved, they all thought good that the Third Estate, or Lower House,...
From: 17th-century American Women on 1 Feb 2013

The Virgin Queen (Virginia) - Elizabeth I 1587 orders execution of Mary Queen of Scots - Eyewitness Account

Mary Queen of Scots, Mary Stuart, Mary I of ScotlandMary, Queen of Scots (1542–1587), also known as Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland, was queen regnant of Scotland from 1542-1567 and queen consort of France from 1559-1560.François Clouet (French artist,...
From: 17th-century American Women on 31 Jan 2013

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