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Anno Domini 1672

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5 July 2021

 As I have noticed that most of the interest now goes into the facebook page on 1672, I decided it was time to post something here again.The above plate is one of a series of plates...

Mauritshuis Collection

8 October 2020

 This is an undated painting by the Dutch inventor and painter Jan van der Heyden of the city of Veere, probably 17th century, from the Mauritshuis Collection. This Collection...

Guard of the Witt

23 September 2020

  Yesterday we talked about William III's guard but it is not quite known that from early 1672 Cornelis de Witt, also had a guard of 50 men, dressed in red coats with yellow...

William III's Guard

22 September 2020

   From the Hollandsche Mercurius, 1672 nr 5, a description of the Guard of William III. I presume this is his Horse Guard, as the troops are equipped with "casacken"...