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Object Lessons: Co-Creating an Exhibition with School Pupils and the German Maritime Museum

1 April 2021

One ear-achingly chilly day in February 2020, forty-odd pupils from secondary schools in Oldenburg and Neu Wulmsdorf, three teachers and I descended on the German Maritime Museum (DSM)...

Trouble Brewing: Ale, Beer, and Witchcraft

18 March 2021

A new article on The Conversation, which seems to have gained quite a lot of traction, argues that the modern iconography of witchcraft – namely pointed hats, cauldrons, broomsticks,...

Tea: The Most Normal Thing in the World?

2 March 2021

Yaela van Oel, Pieternel Pompe, Pablo Kamsteeg, and Joska BergAlfa Academy Next to water and coffee, tea is the most preferred and imbibed drink on earth. People drink it when they...

Workshop Report: Drugs and Drollery

17 February 2021

It was an honour for the Wellcome Collection to join Intoxicating Spaces and a group of eminent scholars for an online workshop that took place on 21–22 January 2021 on Modes...