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May the Fourth Be with Me

4 May 2021

Last night, I decided that the time had come. I had waited long enough. As soon as the house was quiet and I could be certain that everyone was asleep, I put on my brand new maroon...

Shameless Romantic Clickbait

14 April 2021

Would Jane Austen have voted for Brexit? Worse, would she be a COVID conspiracy theorist? How is William Wordsworth like Nigel Farage? Does the possibly apocryphal ‘fact’...

Homework for Table Talks II

31 March 2021

Texts and Rationales for Table Talks II: New Approaches to Romantic Studies and Society The first Table Talks event went with a bang before Christmas. You can still check out the...

That Old Conservation Feeling

18 March 2021

Congratulations to the New Generation Thinkers of 2021! You can find out more about them here, but this is about my own ridiculous failure to make it as one. It probably didn’t...