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Exhibition | Tables of Power: A History of Prestigious Meals

Jacques Roëttiers, Ornamental Centerpiece, Surtout de table, 1736 (Paris: Musée du Louvre). Additional information and exceptional details are available here. ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊ Comprised of five sections, the exhibition traces the...
From: Enfilade on 13 Jun 2021

New Book: Festschrift for Schmidt-Nowara

Rethinking Atlantic Empire: Christopher Schmidt-Nowara’s Histories of Nineteenth-Century Spain and the Antilles, Scott Eastman and Stephen Jacobson, eds (Berghan, 2021). “Introduction” Scott Eastman and Stephen Jacobson Chapter 1 “Christopher...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 11 Jun 2021

A translation of the charter from the latin

Author: Barbers Company (London, England) Title: A translation of the charter from the latin, granted by King Henry VIII to the Company of Barbers of London; whereby they were made a corporation; also transcripts of the letters patent … with acts of...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 10 Jun 2021

June 1

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? “We shall refer for particulars to our general catalogue now printing.” Booksellers, like other purveyors of consumer goods, often listed their merchandise in their advertisements. ...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 10 Jun 2021

Life of Victor Hugo

A short, anonymously written biography of the famous French writer Victor Hugo, first published in 1888, transcribed by Stephen Basdeo in 2021. Victor in Poesy, Victor in Romance,Cloud-weaver of phantasmal hopes and fears,French of the French, and...

New Book | Visualising Protestant Monarchy

From Boydell and Brewer: Julie Farguson, Visualising Protestant Monarchy: Ceremony, Art, and Politics after the Glorious Revolution, 1689–1714 (London: Boydell Press, 2021), 402 pages, ISBN: 978-1783275441 (hardcover), £75 / $99 and ISBN: 978-1787448179...
From: Enfilade on 8 Jun 2021

New Book | Pots, Prints, and Politics

From Oxbow Books: Patricia Ferguson, ed., Pots, Prints, and Politics: Ceramics with an Agenda, from the 14th to the 20th Century (London: The British Museum Press, 2021), 196 pages, ISBN: 978-0861592296, £40 / $80. In this lavishly illustrated publication,...
From: Enfilade on 7 Jun 2021

Print Quarterly, June 2021

The eighteenth century in the latest issue of Print Quarterly: Print Quarterly 38.2 (June 2021) Jeanne-Elisabeth Chaudet, Portrait of a Young Girl, traditionally Identified as Madame Villot, née Barbier, Carrying Her Father’s Sabre, oil on canvas,...
From: Enfilade on 5 Jun 2021

The gamester : a tragedy

Author: Moore, Edward, 1712-1757, author. Title: The gamester : a tragedy / written by Mr. Moore ; marked with the variations in the manager’s book, at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane. Publication: London : Printed for T. Davies, W. Nicoll, S. Bladon,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 4 Jun 2021

Literary Review: The Musical Human by Michael Spitzer; A Life in Music by Nicholas Kenyon

The first note known to have sounded on Earth was an E natural. It was produced some 165 million years ago by a katydid, a kind of cricket, rubbing its wings together – a fact deduced by scientists from the insect’s remains, preserved in amber. Consider...
From: Mathew Lyons on 3 Jun 2021

Authentic account of forgeries and frauds….

Uniform Title: Authentic account of forgeries and frauds of various kinds committed by Charles Price, otherwise Patch. Title: A new edition, being a more minute and particular account of that consummate adept in deception, Charles Price, otherwise Patch,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 1 Jun 2021

New Book | Dandy Style

The related exhibition is scheduled to open later at the Manchester Art Gallery, but the publication, from Yale UP, is available now: Shaun Cole and Miles Lambert, Dandy Style: 250 Years of British Men’s Fashion (New Have: Yale University Press, 2021),...
From: Enfilade on 31 May 2021

New Book | Material Lives: Women Makers and Consumer Culture

From Bloomsbury: Serena Dyer, Material Lives: Women Makers and Consumer Culture in the 18th Century (London: Bloomsbury Visual Arts, 2021), 272 pages, ISBN: 978-1350126978 (hardcover), £80 / ISBN: 978-1350126961 (paperback), £27. Eighteenth-century...
From: Enfilade on 30 May 2021

May 29

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago this week? “Encouraged by several gentlemen of eminence in the different provinces, to undertake the publication of the following litterary works, in America.” Robert Bell, one of...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 29 May 2021

Half Time Oranges

I realised this morning that I’ve finished the first year of my two years of AHRC-funded research on ‘The Romantic Ridiculous’ project! I’m about to go on the holiday we booked last January for Easter 2020 then rebooked for Easter 2021 as ‘it...
From: The Romantic Ridiculous on 29 May 2021

New Book | Dress Codes

From Simon & Schuster: Richard Thompson Ford, Dress Codes: How the Laws of Fashion Made History (New York: Simon & Schuster, 2021), 464 pages, ISBN: 978-1501180064, $30. Dress codes are as old as clothing itself. For centuries, clothing has been...
From: Enfilade on 29 May 2021

New Book: The Oxford Handbook of Borderlands of the Iberian World

The Oxford Handbook of Borderlands of the Iberian World, Danna A. Levin Rojo and Cynthia Radding, eds (Oxford, 2019).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 27 May 2021

New Book | Gainsborough in London

Distributed for Modern Art Press by Yale UP: Susan Sloman, Gainsborough in London (London: Modern Art Press, 2021), 412 pages, ISBN: 978-0956800787, £35 / $45. Thomas Gainsborough’s (1727–1788) London years, from 1774 to 1788, were the pinnacle and...
From: Enfilade on 27 May 2021

The Latest in the JAR Book Series is Now Available

“The sad story of colonial oppression commenced in the year 1764. Great Britain then adopted new regulations respecting her colonies, which, after disturbing the... The post The Latest in the JAR Book Series is Now Available appeared first on Journal...

George Cruikshank : the artist, the humorist, and the man

Extra-illustrated with 116 additional prints and autograph material: 82 etchings, caricatures, engraved plates, illustrated title pages, and broadsides by George Cruikshank, of which 24 are hand-colored, mounted and captioned in pencil having been trimmed...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 25 May 2021

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