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HMSBlue Mountain Valley and the Rise of Lord Stirling

“A Most Dreadful Voyage” was how the captain of British supply ship Blue Mountain Valley described his mission to North America in the fall and... The post HMS<i>Blue Mountain Valley</i> and the Rise of Lord Stirling appeared...

John Church Dempsey (1802-1877), artist

John Church Dempsey found his way on to my radar as we have previously looked at a couple of his paintings, ‘Black Charley‘ and ‘Jemmy, The Rockman‘ and so, I wanted to find out a little more about his life. John was baptised in...
From: All Things Georgian on 22 Apr 2020

Portrait of ‘Black Charley of Norwich’ by John Dempsey

I first became acquainted with this gentleman last week when a good friend on social media messaged me with ‘I think this story needs you‘.  Say no more, I was off down that rabbit hole. What a fabulous painting by John Dempsey of an...
From: All Things Georgian on 25 Mar 2020

Tales from the archives: Love and the Longevity of Charms

In September 2018, The Recipes Project will be six years old. There’s been a lot of blogging on this platform, and we are so grateful to all our wonderful contributors. But with so much material on the site, it’s easy for earlier pieces to...
From: The Recipes Project on 26 Jul 2018

The 1st Annual EMPS Transcribathon

  The officers of the Early Modern Paleography Society at UNC Charlotte have been (very) busily preparing for our first annual EMPS Transcribathon! The Transcribathon will take place on Friday, April 8th, 2016 from 10 am – 3 pm EDT. Our main...
From: emroc on 5 Apr 2016

EMROC’s Coming Up Roses in 2016

By Rebecca Laroche Once again, EMROC enters a new term filled with exciting discoveries and steady progress toward our collective goals. Through our teaching and research, we look to transcribe, vet, and tag as well as present our findings and our progress...
From: emroc on 28 Jan 2016

Transcribing Teamwork

By Kailan Sindelar Graduate Student, UNC Charlotte It’s a rule of mine that I travel with as little technology as I think is appropriate. It’s a rule that has kept me from being distracted by day-to-day electronic procrastinations and responsibilities...
From: emroc on 15 Dec 2015

The Community of the Transcribathon

by Breanne Weber MA Student, UNC Charlotte A few weeks ago, an international community gathered together with one purpose: to transcribe a 17th-century recipe book. I was one of the graduate students from UNC Charlotte fortunate enough to travel...
From: emroc on 30 Nov 2015

Sheepeshead Pudden Chronicles, or, Adventures in Transcription

by Robin Kello MA Student, UNC Charlotte Fellow travelers in transcription and compatriots in the paleographic arts, allow me to share a short tale. After the October transcribathon at the Folger, a friend asked: “Why waste a day looking at old...
From: emroc on 24 Nov 2015

Lagwyne and Traditions of Grierson of Lag #History

Did the notorious persecutor of the Covenanters, Robert Grierson of Lag, ever stay at Lagwyne? Tradition claims that he did, but there is no historical evidence. According to the OS Name Book of the mid nineteenth century: ‘Lagwine’: ‘A...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 28 Oct 2015

Appel à candidatures : XIIIe École Internationale de Printemps du Réseau international de formation en histoire de l’art

Voir - Tel est le thème de la XIIIe École Internationale de Printemps du Réseau international de formation en histoire de l’art ( qui aura lieu dans la semaine du 11 au 15 mai 2015 à Eichstätt en Bavière. La vision n’est...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 23 Dec 2014

“For Adams’s Sake” Talk in Medford, 15 Jan.

I’m breaking away from the last act of the Deborah Champion saga to note an event this week at the Royall House and Slave Quarters in Medford.On Wednesday, 15 January, the site will host an illustrated talk by Allegra di Bonaventura, an assistant dean...
From: Boston 1775 on 12 Jan 2014

In the Deep Dark Wood: The Kirk Stone

The Kirk Stone © Leslie Barrie and licensed for reuse. We may never see it, but hidden is the pine forest in Carsphairn parish, Kirkcudbrightshire, is the Kirk Stone, which is a possible field preaching site… Map of Kirk Stone Congratulations has...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 23 May 2013

Out of History: The Martyrs of Covenanting Tradition.

Allan’s Cairn © Leslie Barrie and licensed for reuse. This is a list of Covenanters who were allegedly martyred in the Killing Times of 1685. Some of them still appear on lists of martyrs, even though they are only known from traditions that were recorded...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 6 Mar 2013

Suffering from Colds in the Eighteenth Century

I apologise for my unexpectedly long absence from the blog, occasioned by a nasty cold followed by an even worse chest infection. But now that I’m on the mend thanks to a course of antibiotics, I have the luxury of sufficient oxygen in my blood...
From: The Sloane Letters Blog on 9 Jan 2013

Appel à communication: « Diderot et le temps »

Conçu en deux volets (Université d’Aix-Marseille et Université de Lausanne), ce colloque se propose d’aborder à nouveaux frais le rapport au temps dans l’ensemble de l’oeuvre de Diderot. Contexte théorique Le temps ne constitue, de toute...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 11 Nov 2012

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