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Consuming History—Or Are We?

By Marie Pellissier  I’ve always been fascinated by the appeal of food in living history museums—the sound and aromas of someone cooking over an iron stove or open hearth never fails to draw visitors’ attention. Since I moved to...
From: The Recipes Project on 23 Feb 2021

It’s in the Details: A Recently Identified View of Boston

The exceedingly rare mezzotint of His Excellency George Washington Esqr (above) listed by Charles Hart as no. 1 in his Catalogue of the Engraved Portraits of... The post It’s in the Details: A Recently Identified View of Boston appeared...

What Rights did the Wife of an Indentured Servant have upon his Death?

18C Flour Mill Powered by water... January 7, 1796, from Pearce stating that Davenport, a miller whom George Washington had brought from Pennsylvania, was dead. He had already received six hundred pounds of pork & more wages than were due him as advances...
From: 18th-century American Women on 14 Mar 2020

What did George Washington look for in a woman Servant?

...When Mrs. Washington's ill health necessitated his engaging in 1797 a housekeeper, he made the following minute & anxious inquiries of Bushrod Washington at Richmond concerning a certain Mrs. Forbes:"What countrywoman is she?"Whether Widow or Wife?...
From: 18th-century American Women on 12 Mar 2020

Early American Spy? Lydia Barrington Darragh

It is said that on the night of December 2, 1777, Irish-born Philadelphia nurse Lydia Barrington Darragh (1729-1789) potentially saved lives for General George Washington's Continental Army, when she overheard the British planning a surprise attack on...
From: 18th-century American Women on 25 Feb 2020

How 18C Presidents Celebrated the 4th of July While in Office

.Let's a look at how both of America's 18C presidents celebrated the 4th of July, while they were in office.George Washington1789- Washington is in New York and is ill but writes a letter to the New York State's Society of the Cinncinati letting that...
From: 18th-century American Women on 4 Jul 2014

George Washington Seeks Greenhouse Advice From Magaret Carroll in Maryland

1790s Christian Gullager (1759-1826). George Washington (1732-1799).One of the most intriguing greenhouse stories involves Virginian George Washington & Margaret Tilghman Carroll  of Maryland.In her 1770 description of the gardens Charles Carroll...
From: 18th-century American Women on 28 Apr 2014

Joanne Freeman on “Hamilton: The Exhibition”

The Yale News recently interviewed Prof. Joanne Freeman about her work on Alexander Hamilton. The article explains:For a long time Freeman, professor of history and of American studies, was the only person she knew of who had much of an interest in Hamilton....
From: Boston 1775 on 6 Jun 2019

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington 1731-1802 (Mrs George Washington) & Slavery

1790s Christian Gullager 1759-1826 George Washington.When George Washington took over Mount Vernon at age 22, there were 18 slaves. When he married he gained control of 200 more which technically belonged to the estate of his wife’s first husband....
From: 18th-century American Women on 14 Jul 2017

George Washington's celebrated, enslaved cook, Hercules

Attributed to Gilbert Stuart (1755–1828) Assumed to be a Portrait of Hercules, George Washington's Cook, 1797Hercules was an enslaved African held at Mount Vernon, George Washington's Virginia plantation on the Potomac River. He was the head cook at...
From: 18th-century American Women on 9 Sep 2013

Hercules Posey, Cook in New York

Craig LaBan’s article for the Philadelphia newspapers about the mysteries surrounding George Washington’s escaped cook Hercules didn’t stop at debunking the claim that he was the black man wearing a tall white hat in a widely reprinted...
From: Boston 1775 on 19 Mar 2019

‘“When John & Abigail Met George” in Cambridge, 14 Mar.

On Thursday, 14 March, I’ll speak at the Longfellow House–Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site in Cambridge on the topic “When John & Abigail Met George: The Adamses' Earliest Encounters with General Washington.”Here’s...
From: Boston 1775 on 12 Mar 2019

Fort Plain Washington’s Birthday Symposium, 16 Feb.

On Saturday, 16 February, the Fort Plain Museum will host its first annual George Washington’s Birthday Symposium.The scheduled speakers are:Edward G. Lengel, “Setting the Example: George Washington’s Military Leadership”Bruce...
From: Boston 1775 on 24 Jan 2019

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington 1731-1802 At Home & At Military Camps

MW 1796 Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828). Martha Dandridge Custis Washington (1731-1802)  (Daniel Parke Custis) (George Washington)Martha Dandridge's first husband was a man much older than herself & her second was almost a year younger. Before she...
From: 18th-century American Women on 28 Dec 2018

George & Martha held a constant Open House at Mount Vernon

Palmy Days at Mount Vernon by Thomas Rossiter, 1866 (On the east lawn of Mount Vernon) Until the end he & Mrs. Washington kept open house, & what a galaxy of company they had! Scarcely a day passed without some guest crossing their hospitable...
From: 18th-century American Women on 13 Nov 2018

George & Martha Washington enjoying Dancing

Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, The Victory Ball, 1781, ca. 1929. This 20th-century depiction of Washington takes place after the Battle of Yorktown.What others wrote about George Washington dancing:“His Excellency (George Washington) and Mrs. Greene (wife...
From: 18th-century American Women on 11 Nov 2018

Meeting George Washington’s Indispensable Men

Back when I was researching Gen. George Washington’s life and work in Cambridge for the National Park Service, one of the books I drew on heavily was Arthur S. Lefkowitz’s George Washington’s Indispensable Men. This is a study of the...
From: Boston 1775 on 25 Sep 2018

“We Are One”: The Confinement and Consent of Colonial American Busks

Welcome to #ColonialCouture, our second annual roundtable on fashion in early America and material culture in the Atlantic World, which will run here for the next two weeks. Today’s post is by Cynthia Chin, a doctoral student at Georgetown...
From: The Junto on 10 Sep 2018

Symposium on Washington and Women at Mount Vernon, 2-3 Nov.

Last year I had the honor of speaking at the George Washington Symposium at Mount Vernon, organized by the Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington. This year’s symposium, to take place on 2-3 November, has the theme “‘A...
From: Boston 1775 on 7 Sep 2018

Interesting Podcasts of Late

I’ve listened to some particularly interesting podcast episodes in the last few days, so I thought I’d share pointers to them.At the top of the list, Conversations at the Washington Library featured Joe Stoltz speaking with Brenda Parker,...
From: Boston 1775 on 7 Aug 2018

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