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Sir Simon Russell Beale

Simon Russell Beale I was delighted to hear, a few weeks ago, that actor Simon Russell Beale has been awarded a knighthood. I’ve always enjoyed seeing him on stage and television, in particular watching him taking on many of Shakespeare’s...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 31 Aug 2019

Ovid and Shakespeare: the world’s greatest storytellers

Ovid: The Poet and the Emperor Anyone who’s interested in Shakespeare will have heard the name Ovid, but how much do we really know about him? I’ve written a couple of posts on Ovid myself, but I have never really investigated the story of...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 19 Nov 2017

Celebrating Shakespearean stage actors

Judi Dench and Ian McKellen with the Gielgud blue plaque On 27 April 2017 Dame Judi Dench unveiled a blue plaque on 16 Cowley Street in Westminster where Sir John Gielgud had lived from 1945 to 1976. It has taken a long time to appear since Gielgud died...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 30 Apr 2017

The Tempest in production

A scene from the RSC’s Tempest, Simon Russell Beale as Prospero On Wednesday 11 January the Royal Shakespeare Company’s The Tempest is to be live streamed to cinemas around the UK. The play always brings with it a number of challenges, with...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 9 Jan 2017

Shakespeare at King’s College London

A number of exhibitions and productions celebrating 2016 as the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death are already under way, but there’s on organisation that’s getting in early by staging a weekend of great one-off Shakespeare events...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 10 Feb 2016

Royal Shakespeare Company’s plans for 2016

Gregory Doran and David Tennant on the Andrew Marr Show All the large Shakespeare organisations are celebrating the four-hundredth anniversary of Shakespeare’s death in 2016 with events to show that Shakespeare is universal, appealing to people...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 18 Jan 2016

The Secret Life of Shakespeare’s First Folio

Simon Russell Beale Shakespeare’s First Folio is back in the news again, with a documentary presented by actor Simon Russell Beale having been broadcast on 9 September. It’s part of the series The Secret Life of Books, a fascinating look...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 1 Oct 2014

Shakespeare’s vision of apocalypse: King Lear at the National Theatre

As I write this on the afternoon of 6 June the celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy are taking place. President Hollande, speaking into a microphone, has been talking about peace in Europe, in front of an audience of...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 9 Jun 2014

King Lear and poverty

Simon Russell Beale as KIng Lear, National Theatre I’m finally getting to see Simon Russell Beale playing King Lear at the National Theatre this week. I’m not sure how much I’m going to agree with some of the interpretation, but with...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 2 Jun 2014

Hamlet through Hoops?

Photo: Christoph MullerHamlet, Max Beerbohm famously wrote, is ‘a hoop through which every very eminent actor must, sooner or later, jump.’ By the same token King Lear is a mountain up which every very eminent actor must, sooner or later, climb. Many...
From: Blogging Shakespeare on 9 May 2014

The curse of Lear? — NTLive, 2011 and 2014

Macbeth is the Shakespearean play actors and directors are most superstitious about, but I wonder if Lear might be gaining on the ol’ Scottish play as far as live recordings go? The most famous instance of technical mishap in other otherwise fairly...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 3 May 2014

“Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say”

January 2014 has seen the opening of another new production of Shakespeare’s tragedy, King Lear, this time at the National Theatre. Directed by Sam Mendes, Simon Russell Beale, one of our most highly regarded stage actors, plays the lead role, 21 years...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 24 Jan 2014

Shakespeare’s heroes on stage and screen

Simon Russell Beale in rehearsal for King Lear. Photograph by Mark Douet Shakespeare is never short of media attention, but just at the moment some of his heroes or at least his leading men, are much in the news. This week King Lear begins its previews...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 15 Jan 2014

Othello, Iago and the search for character

The National Theatre’s new production of Othello is beginning its previews this week. Starring Adrian Lester as Othello, the Henry V from a few years ago, and Rory Kinnear as Iago, who has recently played Hamlet, both at the National, it promises...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 17 Apr 2013

Digging for Richard

Photo by Christoph Manuel Mueller Though Shakespeare was not mentioned, there was a manifest and contrived theatricality about the press conference announcing that the skeleton unearthed in a Leicester car park was indeed that of King Richard III. Not...
From: Blogging Shakespeare on 13 Feb 2013

Richard III: an update on the King in the car park

The reconstruction based on the excavated skull Last week’s revelations about the discovery of Richard III’s skeleton in a car park in Leicester has sparked off a flurry of articles about the real and fictitious monarch. Here are links to...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 11 Feb 2013

Iago and the Analysts

Iago on the Couch The Institute of Psychoanalysis talks Shakespeare. To be exact, it talks Shakespeare on a new DVD called Iago on the Couch. Around the candle-lit setting of Freud’s dining table decked with eclectically styled glass decanters, wine,...
From: Blogging Shakespeare on 20 Aug 2012

Updating Timon: Simon Russell Beale at the National

Programme for Timon of Athens Theatre programmes don’t often include an article written by the leading man in the production. Most actors and directors let their work speak for them, and drawing attention to their past successes might be courting...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 11 Aug 2012

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