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Early Modern Spain on a Budget, part

When we last left off, we’d just come back from medieval Tolédo, full of New Castilian culture. From Conquerors to Conquered Having spent a week spying vestiges of conquistadors in our historical visits around Castile, we spent the second...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 18 Aug 2018

Making progress – in QGIS, that is

Where I’m at now, after reading more on GIS, historical and Quantum. Here we have the beginnings of my Low Countries theater map, for operational military history. Features include rivers, the (modern) coastline, capital cities, fortifications...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 3 May 2018

For the EMEMDH in your life

So now I have to add another letter to the abbreviation – Early Modern European Military Digital Historian. We are approaching LGBTQIA territory here – except narrowing instead of broadening. And who leads the pack in this exciting sub-sub-sub-subfield?...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 7 Sep 2017

Playing around with GIS

More samples of maps I made in a few hours. These are drawn from my War of the Spanish Succession siege dataset, derived from the research appearing in my Vauban under Siege book. In that book I created some maps of the Low Countries theater using Adobe...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 27 Aug 2017

Jumping on the eclipse bandwagon

Since the whole US seems to be aflutter with today’s solar eclipse, I might as well jump on the bandwagon, and introduce an earlier solar eclipse and how it was interpreted. That would be, of course, the eclipse of the Sun King – le Roi...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 21 Aug 2017

Tea Time at the Met

Now that I’ve dipped my proverbial toe into the weird cult world of art museums, I’ve found a few more items that might be of interest for fellow EMEMHians who are procrastinating from their many research projects. I’ve...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 19 Jul 2016

As I was saying

somebody should let people know when there are museum exhibits on early modern military subjects. I’ve been writing up personal summaries of our recent trip to Vienna-Salzburg-Munich (and sprinkling them with photos off the web, which...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 8 Jul 2016

I sure do love Lincoln and Washington

Because they give us U.S. faculty on a MWF teaching schedule a full week off in the Spring, and that’s before Spring Break. Which, combined with the two consecutive snow days last Friday and this past Monday, mean I’ve had the time to finish...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 20 Feb 2016

Snowday 2016

Which gives me time to throw a quick blog post up into the Ether – now that we’ve finally gotten our electricity back, after six hours. I’ve been busy with teaching two grading-intensive courses (a senior seminar on the Age...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 6 Feb 2016

SMH2016 Ottawa sneak-peak

While the official program for next April’s Society for Military History conference won’t be out until early next year, I can report that there will be at least one panel on Louis XIV’s last two wars (or is it William III’s...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 5 Dec 2015

French Cowardice and English Vigor

… was my shorthand working title for a book chapter that’s finally been released. Selected papers from the 2012 Louis XIV Outside In conference have just been published in a collection that should be read by everyone interested...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 29 Nov 2015

Colloque went (well)

The conference on Louis XIV’s last two wars (Le grand tournant) was held at the Service historique de la Défense (Vincennes) without a hitch – the Sun King refuses to be eclipsed by the dark clouds of a few Islamic terrorists. I’m...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 29 Nov 2015

Le Grand Tournant colloque

For those who’ll be in Paris in a few weeks, and are interested in the great turning. Or, if I can recycle an image from my Louis XIV’s France course: The Rising and Setting of the Sun King   The list of presentations is here. Don’t...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 31 Oct 2015

Time to put the toys away and get back to work

I spent the last few days playing around with small multiple maps in Adobe Illustrator: Alliances, War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-1703 Blue is Bourbon (vertical lines are allies, of which there are various kinds); red represents Allied countries;...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 13 Jul 2015

Help identifying things

I’m finishing up my edits for the final version of my West Point History of Warfare iBook chapter on the War of the Spanish Succession. Eventually they’ll release it beyond those lucky cadets who get to read it for their course. Among...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 15 May 2015

Fighting over quiche

I’d like to think the Habsburgs and Bourbons fought over the territory of Lorraine because it held the secret to Duke Leopold’s quiche recipe, but Phil McCluskey’s new article doesn’t even mention it. It’s probably worth...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 19 Dec 2014

Sieges as they were meant to be seen

New article in Social Science Computer Review using GIS to analyze the 1714 siege of Barcelona. Rubio-Campillo, Xavier, Francesc Xavier Hernàndez Cardona, and Maria Yubero-Gómez. “The Spatiotemporal Model of an 18th-Century City Siege.” Social...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 2 Dec 2014

Do you read Spanish?

If you do, and if you were intrigued by the comments left by Björn in a previous post about Spanish siegecraft, you should check out a short article I published a few months back in the lavishly-produced Spanish popular military history magazine Desperta...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 5 Aug 2014

Define your start and end dates

I’m going through old Excel worksheets on siege data (it’s good to know you can open 20-year old Excel files). Found this graphic, so I thought I’d throw it up here. In case you ever wanted a look behind the scenes of my dataset in the...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 3 Aug 2014

New chapter on the War of the Spanish Succession

Following in the venerable blogging tradition of self-promotion, a new edited collection has appeared: Murray, Williamson and Richard Hart Sinnreich, eds. Successful Strategies: Triumphing in War and Peace from Antiquity to the Present. Cambridge:...
From: Skulking in Holes and Corners on 1 Aug 2014

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