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Way Down South

We’re just back from a quick trip to the Florida Keys and Miami, not really my ideal vacation location but my husband craved sun and sand and fishing and I had never been to Key West so it was good compromise destination. There was just enough architecture...
From: streets of salem on 5 May 2021

Taylor, “Coffee & the Body,” ECJ Spring 2021

Scott K Taylor (me!), “Coffee and the Body: From Exoticism to Wellness in Eighteenth-Century Europe,” Eighteenth-Century Studies 54/3 (2021). I promise there’s some Spain in there.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 5 May 2021

Congrès : « Modèles, réseaux et échanges curiaux au Moyen Âge » (20-22 mai 2021, en ligne)

Congrès : « Modèles, réseaux et échanges curiaux au Moyen Âge », 52e Congrès de la SHMESP – 43e Rencontres du RMBLF (20-22 mai 2021, en ligne) En raison de la situation sanitaire, le 52e Congrès...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 5 May 2021

The 2021 Annual Volume

The seventh Journal of the American Revolution Annual Volume is now available. Each annual volume highlights articles selected by our editorial board from the... The post The 2021 Annual Volume appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

Hicks-Bartlett, “Faith & Ocular Proof in the Silk Merchant Episode,” HR, Autumn 2019

Alani Hicks-Bartlett, “‘Confesar o morir‘: Faith and Ocular Proof in the Silk Merchant Episode (1.4) of El genioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha,” Hispanic Review 87/4 (2019).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 4 May 2021

Colloque « Fabriquer les identités collectives : un chantier de l’art à l’époque contemporaine » (en ligne, 27 et 28 mai 2021)

© Pierre et Gilles: Saint Sébastien de la guerre, Jaime de Oliveira, 2009. Courtesy of Pierre et Gilles. Colloque « Fabriquer les identités collectives : un chantier de l’art à l’époque contemporaine »...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 4 May 2021

“Representing the General and Committees as a set of idiots”

As I related yesterday, in April 1775 the Massachusetts Provincial Congress’s committee of safety ordered Abijah Brown of Waltham to prepare three cannon for use. Then, about three weeks later, the congress ordered him to deliver those three guns...
From: Boston 1775 on 3 May 2021

Upcoming Books and Exhibitions for May 2021

How are we already 1/3 of the way into 2021? Although my notion of time has really been messed up since March 2020 anyway… Books Nathen Amin’s Henry VII and the Tudor Pretenders: Simnel, Warbeck, and Warwick that was released last month in...
From: Blog on 2 May 2021

How Maj. Abijah Brown Went to War

Abijah Brown was born in Watertown in 1736, and on 24 May 1758, at the age of twenty-one, he married Sarah Stearns of Waltham.Their first child, Abijah, Jr., was born in Watertown the following March. By the next year they had moved to Waltham, where...
From: Boston 1775 on 2 May 2021

“The Horse so furnished was Killed at the Battle”

Yesterday I discussed Richard Gridley’s petitions to the post-war Continental Congress to keep compensating him for the loss of his Crown pension from the previous wars. Both Gridley and the Congress were caught in the 1780s economy, when there...
From: Boston 1775 on 1 May 2021

Principe et organisation de la revue Histoire de l’art

Histoire de l’art est une revue semestrielle fondée en 1988 et éditée par l’APAHAU. Elle a pour but de publier les premiers travaux de jeunes chercheuses et chercheurs, étudiants en master, doctorants, post-doctorants,...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 30 Apr 2021

Séminaire Formes, supports et pratiques de la prière : Francesca Sbardella (université de Bologne), Pierre-Antoine Fabre (EHESS) : « Images à fabriquer, images à prier. Les ex voto de clôture » (en ligne, 5 mai 2021)

Séminaire Formes, supports et pratiques de la prière : Francesca Sbardella (université de Bologne), Pierre-Antoine Fabre (EHESS) : « Images à fabriquer, images à prier. Les ex voto de clôture » (en...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 30 Apr 2021

April 3

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? “He already makes what is called QUEEN’S WARE, equal to any imported.” In the late 1760s, colonists responded to duties on certain imported goods with nonimportation...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 30 Apr 2021

Journées d’étude : « La monochromie dans la théorie et la pratique picturale du XIVe au XVIIe siècle » (en ligne, 18-19 mai 2021)

« Benché senza colori abbino tutta la forza dell’arte ». Monocromia nella teoria e pratica pittorica dal Trecento al Seicento Atelier organisé par Monica Latella, Stefano Pierguidi e Katharine Stahlbuhk, Biblioteca Hertziana,...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 30 Apr 2021

Col. Gridley’s Half-Pay

Last year I wrote two postings about Maj. Scarborough Gridley’s attempt to wring some money from the Continental government after he was cashiered from his own father’s regiment in September 1775. In the same period Scar Gridley’s father,...
From: Boston 1775 on 30 Apr 2021

Revue Histoire de l’art. Appel à candidature : membres du comité de rédaction (Antiquité et Moyen Age).

La revue Histoire de l’art recherche pour son comité de rédaction deux membres, spécialisés en histoire de l’art antique et histoire de l’art médiéval. La revue est dédiée à...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 30 Apr 2021

Publication : « Mazarin, Rome et l’Italie »

Y. Loskoutoff, P. Michel (dir.), Mazarin, Rome et l’Italie, Presses universitaires de Rouen et du Havre, 2021 394 p. ill. noir 1 blanc et couleurs. Broché, 15,5 x 24 x 2,4 cm ISBN : 9791024015170 Prix : 19 € Pour une présentation...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 29 Apr 2021

Gendered Violence in Colonial Latin America, JWH, Summer 2019

The Journal of Women’s History put out a special issue on “Colonial Intimacies and Gendered Violence,” 31/2, Summer 2019, and it featured two articles on colonial Latin America: Tamara J. Walker, “‘That Is How Whores Get...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 28 Apr 2021

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