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Register for the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850!

The annual Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850 will be held virtually from February 18-20 & 26-27 and will be free to all who register. You can register for the conference here. For the full list of CRE Board of Directors, click here....
From: Age of Revolutions on 5 Feb 2021

Factual Fictions & Fictional Facts

Scenes from the recent Poldark series, with the accent on historical accuracy Dear friends and readers, My last blog was partly prompted by my reading through in chronological order Winston Graham’s contemporary suspense and Poldark and historical...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 5 Apr 2019

A small crow

My essay on Anthony Trollope now titled “”On Inventing a New Country: Trollope’s Depiction of Settler Colonialism,” has at long last been published in Antipodes. It was in 2015 that I attended the Trollope conference in Leuven...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 4 Oct 2018

Consortium on the Revolutionary Era: 3 Reflections

*** Five southern American universities founded the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era in 1972 in order “to foster the study of Europe during the Revolutionary Period (1750-1850).” Fast-forward to 2018 and you will find that the...
From: Age of Revolutions on 8 Mar 2018

Report on conference at Elsinore

Dr Ema Vyroubalová, Assistant Professor of Early Modern Literature at Trinity College Dublin, was one of the organisers of “Shakespeare: the Next 400 Years” held at Kronberg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark on the...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 10 Jun 2016

Poldark Rebooted: 40 Years On

Robin Ellis as the Rev Halse and Aidan Turner as Ross (2015 Poldark) “Halse: “No doubt the common people you mix with have blunted your faculties as to what may or may not be said in polite society.” Ross: “No I agree they alter...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 23 Apr 2016

Trollope Bicentennial Conference: Leuven (4): Mother, Irish and Formal Trollope

[Pray do not read; as yet unfinished; I must add links, correct, and provide an ending] “Is it the poor house, yer honor?” (Rod Walters, illustration for Folio Society Castle Richmond) Dear friends and readers, This is my fourth and last...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 30 Oct 2015

Trollope Bicentennial Conference, Leuven (2)

19th century illustration: Mudie’s Circulating Library Dear friends and readers, A full week has gone by since I posted my first report on the recent Trollope Conference held in Leuven, Belgium, at the Irish college. I covered somewhat less than...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 16 Oct 2015

Trollope Bicentennial conference, Leuven (1)

Anthony Trollope as painted by Samuel Lawrence Dear Friends and readers, As I’ve written about too often on this blog, a conference on the occasion of Trollope’s 200th birthday was held in Leuven, Belgium from 17-19 September 2015. There was...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 9 Oct 2015

Austen’s Letter 121: Tues-Wed, 17-18 Oct 1815, Hans Place, to Cassandra, Chawton

Emma — the first edition in question Henry is an excellent patient, lies quietly in bed & is ready to swallow anything … Tuesday is in my brain … Dear friends and readers, A separate blog for an important letter — it is rich...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 8 Oct 2013

Three Essays on Trollope on the Victorian Web

The Allington Estate, big & small house & grounds (The Small House at Allington) Dear friends and readers, I’m delighted to be able to announce a third essay by me on Anthony Trollope is now on the Victorian Web. The latest is my Mapping...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 31 Jul 2013

Geographies of the Book: Sharp 2013, Philadelphia

Geographies of the Book Dear friends and readers, During the all too short time (about a day’s length) I was able to be at the Sharp conference this year, held at the University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, I enjoyed myself and heard some...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 28 Jul 2013

Gosford Park & Downton Abbey

Gosford Park: Upstairs Gosford Park: Downstairs, Dear friends and readers, Notwithstanding Rumor to the contrary, Gosford Park and Downton Abbey, both scripted by Julian Fellowes, are distinctively different stories. Robert, Earl of Grantham, the controlling...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 1 Jun 2013

PCA/ACA Conference: film studies

Dear friends and readers, [Pray do not read until I've done ... ] Though I didn’t count the number or work out what percentage of the total number of panels film studies represented, I’ll hazard a guess it was at least one-half. Sometimes...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 9 Apr 2013

Returning to Trollope via maps, televisuality & Australia (!)

David Suchet as Melmotte facing them all (from Davies’s 2001 TWWLN adaptation — in the last phase Suchet has in mind Charles Laughton’s moving performance as Quasimodo) Dear friends and readers, I’ve returned to Trollope with...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 23 Mar 2013

NY Trollope Society’s Winter Meeting

Death of Henri de la Rochejaquelein, painting by Alexandre Bloch Dear friends and readers, We’ve been to NYC with the excuse of hearing an (in the event) wonderfully suggestive lecture by Nicholas Birns on Trollope’s La Vendee. Prof Birns spoke...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 26 Feb 2013

Boston MLA 2013: Woolf & Mansfield; James & Twain, the Victorian Marriage Plot

Woolf’s working desk at Monk House Dear friends and readers, I’ve four more sessions to report on from this year’s MLA (see a rejuvenating time, the 18th century, public poetry, audio books, films): two on Virginia Woolf (one with Katherine...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 10 Feb 2013

Conference Organizers reflect on “Revolutionizing Early Modern Studies”? EEBO-TCP in 2012

This conference report was contributed by Judith Siefring, a TCP editor at the University of Oxford, with contributions from Pip Willcox, also an editor at Oxford and the main organizer of the 2012 conference.  The publication of the proceedings of the...
From: Text Creation Partnership on 25 Jan 2013

Proceedings of EEBO-TCP Conference now available

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings of “‘Revolutionizing Early Modern Studies’? The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership in 2012,” the conference held September 17-18 at the University of Oxford, are...
From: Text Creation Partnership on 10 Dec 2012

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